Aaron Levey

Music Scribe

To be honest, I'm only here for the free gigs and events...

My favourite music moment

Mentally sifting through memorable and genuine moments relating to music warms my heart, however, I lack the decisive nature to select something so specific.


Music is not something I am inherently passionate about. My adoration for art slowly grew throughout my teenage life. I did not see music as an expression. I did not see music as a tool for change. I did not see music as a thought provoker. Music was a distraction. A short-lived euphoric fever dream that I took for granted.


Then along came my iPod Touch 3rd Generation. 12-year-old me was shocked when I learnt I could store videos and music onto this device using gift vouchers, I began to browse music videos, I decided to download bands I had somewhat heard of, Nirvana and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Who were they? I had no idea, it was just a flex to have cool music videos on your iPod at the time! It wasn’t long before I really sat there and indulged in what I had just downloaded.

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