Grace Cleary

Music Scribe

Resident Hannah Montana because I’ve got the best of both worlds.

My favourite music moment

In the summer of 2018, I was plagued with an inevitable, universal rite of passage entitled ‘The Year 12 Mental Crisis: What to do After Graduation’. I came across the Instagram account of a boy I’d met briefly at a friend’s gathering earlier that year. I did what any respectable snoop would do and had a quick stalk of his page. I was immediately made aware of the fact that he appeared to be a gifted guitarist. Like, the type of musician that you’re bewildered to learn that they’re the same age as you. The type that makes you question every life choice that has lead you to this moment (coated in mystery crumbs on your FIFTH Friends marathon of the year). I immediately shot him a desperate DM, pleading my case for why we should start a band. To my delight, he agreed to a jam session.


I showed up at his place on the day, dusty from the night before. Zero faith in how well my voice would carry. After obligatory awkward small talk, we pulled up the chords/lyrics for Childish Gambino’s best, Redbone. What ensued was nothing short of magic. Musicians know how euphoric it feels to immediately click with other musicians. To share a brain and become one organism.


We’re now two years into Social Street’s journey. I’ve loved and cherished every second. Every severely underpaid gig, every rehearsal when all we “rehearsed” was how much Ubereats we could order, every car ride home when we beat ourselves up for notes missed and lyrics forgotten. The other stuff is good too.

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