12 Days of Splendour // Day 6 // Phony Ppl

Another day, another artist the T-Rex Musiq team are excited to share with you all from this year’s stacked Splendour in the Grass lineup! Today we shift the spotlight to the U.S genre-bending collective Phony Ppl.

Colourful, progressive and charming, Phony Ppl have been around the block for some time with the five-piece coming together in high school in 2008 when vocalist Elbee Thrie invited a bunch of his musically talented mates over from his neighbourhood to jam on his 16th birthday.

With a longstanding residency at New York’s reputable Blue Note Jazz Club, the Brooklynites have subtly earned themselves a loyal following. This spiked from official album releases of Yesterday’s Tomorrow in 2015 and mō'zā-ik in 2018 displaying the band’s smooth ability to not confine themselves to a specific genre. This blend of jazz, R&B and Hip-Hop has seen them earn critical acclaim from the likes of Childish Gambino and Tyler, The Creator with Tyler and Chance The Rapper co-signing the group.

In a world where artists easily fall into the trap of catering to the masses, what attracts listeners and furthermore have them returning to Phony Ppl is that they don’t play it safe. Over a decade since coming together, the band is willing to explore more sounds, further discovering a clean one of their own. It feels a bit left of centre, but it feels right.

Their adventurous nature interlocks with their timeless groove filling you up with warmth, which is why you must see them at Splendour. Thrie’s Bob Marley-esque vocals will hit you right in the feels through the collective’s understanding of the human condition. The storytelling in each song, for instance Why iii Love The Moon and Take a Chance where the band highlights the helplessness of love and the path to self-discovery, connects deeply with fans.

Through this sombre subject matter, Phony Ppl bursts with life. The quintet has an infectious passion for music making you smile and feel happy.

Live, the Brooklyn boys will differentiate themselves with what you hear on your headphones making you want to feel like you’re at a show. They like to familiarise with who they are playing in front of, creating a deep connection with the audience. This will cause endless dancing and cheering amidst the everlasting jam sessions and fun and light-hearted chats.

With a charming aura, Phony Ppl generate a surreal energy leaving you wanting more. They have a deep love for the fans and love converting neutral viewers into fans. Their friendly and good-humoured nature will make you wish more bands like this were in your life.

It’s a huge credit to the Splendour in the Grass organisers for reeling in this gem of a group from across the Pacific. A leading collective in the post-genre music world, Phony Ppl are a band not to be missed, so get yourself to the GW McLennan Tent on the Sunday afternoon for a pearler of a set.

Phony Ppl Splendour in the Grass set time:

Sunday 21st July @GW McLennan Tent: 1:45-2:30

Phony Ppl AUS/NZ Tour:

Tuesday 23rd July – Northcote Social Club, Melbourne

Wednesday 24th July – The Landsowne, Sydney

Friday 26th July – Tuning Fork, Auckland

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