12 Days of Splendour // Day 2 // Wolf Alice

A band that have a real cult following in Australia, North-Londoner’s Wolf Alice are making their second trip in a year down to the great southern land. Expect them to bring their best blend of dream-pop and tantalizing indie-rock to the Splendour stage.

Two albums down and with rumours of third on the way, it could be a set riddled with new and old tracks to keep fans plenty happy. Wolf Alice made waves back in 2013 with Blush EP, and it wasn’t before long until a bandwagon of fans were crying out for more. To place a specific genre on the four-piece is a difficult task as the EP wasn’t just your average indie-rock effort, moments of new wave and post-punk styles were draped across the four songs. This continued into their debut album, My Love Is Cool, which had considerable success over here. Tracks like Your Loves A Whore, Bros and Silk made their way onto many playlists with their brilliant composition of distorted guitar and bombastic drums. It brought 90s alt-rock back into the spotlight but with a modern face-lift, something many had been yearning for after its downfall. Lyrics about love, heartbreak and growing old had enough weight to be emotional, yet never overly "angsty". My Love Is Cool is one of those albums that celebrates being young, but is so incredibly self-assured it never gets ahead of itself. A friend summed it up brilliantly saying it "makes me happy that I'm young and rowdy, but so sad that I'm gradually getting older and will never be young again".

The Brits were well on their way two years later with the release of Visions of Life. Their second LP in two years consisted of the same rock and dreamy elements they were renowned for, but with much deeper tracks and a more synth focused outing. The punky and 90s jangly rhythms were still present in songs like Yuk Foo and Formidable Cool, but these intense moments were juxtaposed with more tender moments in Don’t Delete The Kisses and After The Zero Hour. Overall it was another triumphant effort from Wolf Alice, with an album that blended genres and broke boundaries whilst maintaining grounded in their roots. Visions of a Life announced Wolf Alice as a band that weren’t willing to conform to the norm of indie rock in the present age. Tracks like Heavenward and Beautifully Unconventional are good examples of songs that flesh out singer Rowsell’s and guitarist Joff Oddie’s ability to provide melodies and grooves that differ from indie-rock traits. These songs are structured to allow the instrumentation to be expanded upon, rather than your standard ‘verse-chorus-verse-chorus’ structure. Because of this Visions of Life becomes a daring effort that can be overlooked at first, yet fully appreciated when delved in to.

So when the English four-piece step foot onto Splendour grounds, what are the audience in store for? They should expect a visceral show filled to the brim with emotion, heart and a raw energy only the North-londoner’s could provide. With such a unique sound and a real diverse selection of songs expect slow-burning ballads morphing into ferocious punk-rock jams. It has been just over a year since they hit our shores, and with rumours of a third album on the way, there could definitely be some new tracks making their way into the set. Regardless, it won’t take much to get the crowd at Splendour clapping their hands and swaying to every moment of Wolf Alice’s time in the limelight.

No. 1 Track to look out for – Don’t Delete The Kisses It was a big toss up between this track and Bros, but this classy love song has something special that I can’t overlook. On the live stage, Rowsell’s vocals shine throughout Don’t Delete The Kisses, making for a truly unforgettable 3 minutes. Its both ambient and hard-hitting with its synth patterns and booming drums, creating a real sense of emotion live. Expect plenty of tears and raised fists as the chorus kicks in, it's going to be a tear-jerker.

Set-time Friday 19th of July 3:15pm - 4:00pm AMPHITHEATRE

Other Australian shows Melbourne, Howler - 16th of July Sydney, Lansdowne Hotel - 17th of July

Spin-off Festival - 19th of July

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