12 Days of Splendour // Day 3 // Trophy Eyes

Upon release, the Splendour In The Grass line-up was received with mixed sentiment. Despite the delight of some, the announcement came as a frustration to others. Acts vary from humbled C-list artists to international musicians on a level of superstardom. On a personal note, seeing ensembles that originate from Triple J Unearthed always sparks a feeling in me of gratification and hope for local music. One of these acts is Newcastle’s very own Trophy Eyes.

Lead by John Floreani the 5-piece are being hailed as pioneers of new wave rock music. After forming in 2013, the collective have curated an impressive discography, including full-length albums such as Mend, Move On, Chemical Miracle and last years impressive EP, The American Dream. In the meantime of their career, the band have managed to seize a reputation of making tear-jerking and heart-wrenching rock grooves that really hit the right places. Trophy Eyes provide an alluring concoction of music which can be described like a breath of fresh air. With a brew of punk-rock and hardcore roots, the vocals are ranged, walking a fine line between pop and metal; A perfect balance nonetheless. I cannot praise these musicians enough; the lyricism is powerful yet also catchy. Heavy riffs accompanied with a healthy mix of harmonious and harsh vocals, it is truly a unique sound of their own. The group have continued to grow in ambition and popularity. In the past and recent times, the band have set to spread their influence abroad in parts of the United Kingdom as well as tours in the US.

2018 saw the collective’s most successful yearly endeavour to date. With the release of The American Dream, the band’s highly acclaimed project, managed to crack a spot at #8 on the Australian album charts. While accumulating endless praise from critics and reviews, The American Dream also earnt the NSW rockers the desired opportunity being Triple J’s Feature Album.

Keep your eyes open, Trophy Eyes is set to dominate and conquer Australian rock.

The act themselves is a must-see. I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to witness the band perform at Groove In The Moo in May this year. In a sentence, it was a spectacle that will cease to be forgotten. The energy behind the music was next to remarkable, both the crowd and band members fuelled off each other’s exuberance and liveliness.

The Trophy Eyes set is a demonstration of what all live performances should strive towards.

2019 will mark Trophy Eyes’ inaugural appearance at Splendour In the Grass, a point in Australian music that should not be missed. I encouraged those attending to give the boys are nice warm welcome.

Emotional narratives, massive hooks and pure spirit, what more could you want from a rock band at Australia’s biggest music festival?

Set-time Saturday 20th of July 2:05pm - 2:50pm AMPHITHEATRE

Trophy Eyes Australian Concert/Tour Dates

Saturday, JUL 20 - Splendour In The Grass, North Byron Parklands, NSW

Saturday, AUG 31 – Snow Tunes Festival, Jindabyne, NSW

Saturday, SEP 14 – Heaven & Hell, Brisbane, QLD

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