12 Days of Splendour // Day 7 // Close Counters

With T-Rex Musiq’s 12 days of Splendour now in full swing, we thought it would be time we turn our attention to a couple favourites of ours, Close Counters.

We love these boys!

We were lucky enough to stumble upon them earlier in the year at their killer set in a packed-out Penny Black during the Sydney Road Street Party. After hearing that the legends snagged a spot on the Splendour line-up this year, we had to have them in for a chat.

The Close Counters project began in 2013 when Tasmanian neighbours Allan McConnell and Finn Rees began stalking each other’s SoundClouds, soon finding they had similar interests. After bumping into each other multiple times they decided to have a crack at making something together.

The two said it was a tough start trying to find the styles they both enjoyed working with. As the chemistry between Finn and Allan increased, so did the pace of their music as they found a taste for working with more up-tempo, dancy beats.

Fast-forward to 2019, the pair have since made the switch to the mainland in Melbourne where they have been able play in more live settings and be in close proximity with other artists and collaborators. Allan claims this has been beneficial to the Close Counters project.

“Everything intertwines. There’s more people and artists coming to gigs, allowing us to be more creative.”

The Close Counters discography backs this up with a countless number of funky singles and remixes and the impressive Soulacoasta album, a sample heavy 12-track wonder project the boys cooked up in Europe whilst rummaging through the endless record catalogues on a gap year in 2016.

Catching the eye of Danny Harley from The Kite String Tangle, they soon join forces with his label, Exist. Recordings, with the next EP with them coming out not long after Splendour.

Seeing these boys live, what you will find is the irresistible urge to dance. They know how to control the dancefloor and have the crowd responding with their infectious electronic beats. The two feed off this as Finn describes, “when you’re all buzzing off the same tip, that’s when you vibe the most.”

Close Counters endeavour to find the connection between the audience and the performer, whether it be through another person’s tunes or their own, providing a rare flow between everyone. Their mixture of soul, jazz and electronic music give themselves a distinct point of difference, which you can bank on appealing to the Byron crowd as they bring their DJ set to Splendour this year.

With Finn on Europe tour duties with the 30/70 collective, Allan will be delivering the tunes throughout the day aiming to keep the vibe and party going, revving everyone up for the bigger acts.

Rising in Australia’s nightlife scene, being a staple feature in many events already this year, the only direction for this dynamic duo is up. So, give them a look during your time at Splendour, because it won’t be long until other artists are warming up the crowd for them.

Close Counters’ Splendour in the Grass set time:

Sunday July 21 @Mix Up Stage: 3:30-4:00, 4:45-5:15, 6:15-7:00

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