Angus Dawson // Feature Playlist

Australian electronic producer Angus Dawson has had a busy 2019 dropping two singles, with his latest, Ngurra being released over a week ago under Exist Recordings. Ngurra is easily one of Dawson's most personal and emotive pieces to date, with a humbling tale that coincides with the ambient and atmospheric track.

Working alongside music charity program, Desert Feet, Dawson was inspired to create Ngurra through his experiences in his time spent with them. Desert Feet is located in WA and provides musical opportunities to those who don't normally have access to such luxuries. It's vision is to change these communities struggling with mental and physical health issues by giving them the opportunity to write, produce and perform music. Dawson has given the past 3 years of his time working with Desert Feet to bring music to WA's indigenous communities, where in this time Ngurra was inspired. Amongst many different dialects of Indigenous communities Ngurra means 'home', and as Dawson spent time in these communities he realised just how little he was educated about his home, as well as the rich culture that is embedded within its history. Dawson was thankful for the experience, being able to "witness first-hand the power of music as a universal language".

And it's these experiences on which such a gorgeously constructed track has been created. Clean production and soothing vocals, Ngurra has a calming nature woven through it's down-tempo beat. Dawson's vocals seep into the track and compliment the synth and bass combo that is full of life and energy. Ngurra's hidden secret is within it's dense layering of sounds, where birds can be heard chirping within the quieter moments, and soft trumpets sound in the distance during choruses; Dawson uniquely adds real character to his craft.

To partner the release of Ngurra, we've been lucky enough to feature a playlist curated by Angus Dawson. It’s stacked with quality from the likes of The Middle East, Bon Iver, Caribou and The Tallest Man on Earth. From those names alone you can tell it’s a diverse range of folk, rock and electro. The songs on this playlist are what remind Dawson of home, and we hope upon your listening you too are perhaps reminded of what it feels like to be home.

Angus Dawson Home Playlist:

Ngurra is out now on all major streaming platforms under Exist Recordings. To donate or seek further information about Desert Feet and the work they're doing within WA communities click here.