Ashley Turi // Daydream // Album Review

Trading the Californian sun for the Sydney sea, Ashley Turi’s life resembles something of a dream. Her latest album, Daydream, is a collection of her thoughts, hopes and feelings that overflow from her mind.

Summer is coming to an end in Ashley’s native land of California, while Sydney has just faced another winter - making it crystal clear within this release that she has adapted to Australian life since making the big move - the album makes a perfect soundtrack for staying indoors, under the covers and sipping on a warm cup of tea whilst the rain pours outside.

Following on from her album Split, which saw her collaborating with About Esme, Daydream uncovers a more vulnerable, tender side to Ashley. She believes that there’s an overarching theme of being in one place and pretending you’re somewhere else”, replicating the sense of escapism that we’ve all felt at some point in this crazy thing we’ve called a year.

''Rusorio' is a gentle opener, contemplating the concept of vulnerability. Ashley doesn’t hold back from opening up throughout the album and enquires about the importance of letting your walls down, asking: “What’s the point in playing / If your side has nothing to lose?”

The second track, 'Greenhouse', sees Ashley put on a brave face for a love that’s been tainted, letting us in on that secret as she sings, “You won’t see me crying / It’s choosing to rain / Who would’ve guessed I would’ve been growing from pain?”

When listening to Daydream, it's understandable why Ashley chose this song as the title of her album. It perfectly encapsulates a range of emotions she faces throughout the album; hope, pain, and the bittersweet nature of longing.

“Something out of a daydream / Really can’t tell if it’s mine / Devils are greedy / Angels are needy / I couldn’t catch lighting, I tried.”

'Euphoric' is a high moment of the album and easily my favourite track. I found myself humming along on the first listen, as the song grows from simple acoustics to an enchanting electric guitar. To me, it sounds like an 'August afternoon' in Australia, reminding me of the end of a harsh winter where the sun has begun to make its presence known.

The album closes similarly to how it opens, this time with Ashley harmonising with herself in a hopeless serenade about a failed relationship in the gorgeous 'Chasing the Dark'. The track closely follows someone trying to escape the “tunnel of excuses” that they created, suggesting that Ashley dreams of bigger and better things than the world she created with them.

Not only is Ashley Turi’s latest album named after a collection of her stunning dreams, but it sounds like one, too.

Daydream is available everywhere on all streaming platforms.

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