Babes Against Bullsh*t. The title says it all. Women supporting women, and the Melbourne music scene

On the 4th of March Smash Music Group and Warrant Magazine hosted ‘an incredible live music event full of female-identifying powerhouses’ called ‘Babes Against Bullsh*t,’ to raise money for Endometriosis Australia. The event was held at the iconic Night Cat in Fitzroy where the young music crowd flocked to see an eclectic mix of performers.

Up and coming Melbourne based singer/songwriter Georgia Bancroft was a regular attendee of events at the Night Cat in Fitzroy for years, but she never thought she would be the one putting on the show.

I’ve been in the audience so many times’ explains Bancroft ‘[I thought] one day, I’ll be able to sing on that stage.’

22-year-old Bancroft studied a Bachelor of Music at Monash University majoring in popular voice and has immersed herself in the industry ever since. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Queen

Naija and Madison Beer, Bancroft strives to create her own ‘Alt R’n’B’ sound.

Bancroft became involved with ‘Babes Against Bullsh*t’ when she performed with Thorne, one of her peers from Monash University, at another gig hosted by Smash Music Group. She was approached by the founder and organiser of Smash Music Group asking her to be part of the lineup for ‘Babes Against Bullsh*t.’

Predominantly, I’m a backing vocalist and that’s where my love for performing stems from. It’s so

unusual for me to be the person up the front.’

The Melbourne based artist performed her debut single ‘Golden Light’ for the first time, which she released in March 2020 in the midst of the pandemic as well as the song ‘Just Friends’, which was a collaboration with artist Thorne. The ’80s inspired synth-wave dance track’ was performed acoustically with band members Jake Amy on keys and Bailey Judd on guitar driving the ‘seductive lyricism’ of the track.

We had one rehearsal.’ Bancroft revealed. 'They’re all so talented it all just comes together.’

The audience was also the first to hear the new track Caught Up written by Bancroft with backing vocalist and best friend Evelyne Mandoukas.

It happened really quickly.’ says Bancroft ‘[Evelyn] just started playing these chords and it was the exact vibe of what was in my head. That’s the beauty of writing music with your best friends, you’re on the same wavelength.’

Bancroft described the line up of women as ‘absolutely amazing people' who made her first solo gig experience very ‘wholesome’. Bancroft told us ‘it was an honour' to be part of the fundraising event because it is something very close to her heart. Her mother has suffered from endometriosis throughout her life resulting in Bancroft being an IVF baby. Bancroft disclosed this to the crowd at the Night Cat when acknowledging the reason behind the event.

March is endometriosis awareness month and Smash Music Group and Warrant Magazine were here to support it. Founder of Smash Music Group and organiser of ‘Babes Against Bullsh*t’ Ashleigh Imms told us that she had ‘an ongoing desire’ to organise an ‘all female-identifying event’ that was relevant to the month of March.

At Smash Music Group, I have moved to mostly organise fundraising events and this is something I wanted to incorporate into the event I had plans for, but it took me a long time to settle on what to fundraise for.

Smash Music Group was founded in 2018 by Imms and she has brought a strong female voice into an industry ‘dominated by men.’ Imms told us ‘I had so many comments from the ladies in the lineup about how they felt we had created such a safe and comfortable space!’ ‘Babes Against Bullsh*t’ gave women the opportunity to debut their music and perform in a comfortable environment supporting each other to raise awareness for diseases that ‘[many] women don’t actually know [about].’

‘Babes Against Bullsh*t’ was a collaboration by women. With women. For women.

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