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The good-humoured Newcastle soul-tronic duo Boo Seeka have been continually on the go writing a new album, incessantly touring and buying stretch bands to work on their guns during their hotel room workouts. The T-Rex Musiq team were lucky enough to grab some time with both Mikey and Ben (Boo) between their sets (both on stage and in the hotel room) during their tour with fellow Aussie favourites SAFIA.

Having already supported the Canberra trio before, the boys were stoked to join them again on another tour.

“Put simply, we love the three boys in Safia. The boys throw an incredible show and we're stoked to see them perform as well as they do each night!”

Encountering Boo Seeka live is certainly an experience. The pair are insane to watch, providing a presence and infectious energy that galvanises the crowd. You can see a real passion and love for what they are doing. They care deeply about the connection between the audience and the performer.

“We want our songs to be heard in the right light - Fun, energetic and a time where the audience can be free for an hour.”

Such an excitable pair, they love bringing as much fun and laughs to the show through either Boo’s dance moves or Mikey messing up a song.

In the studio the Newcastle pair have been working hard, mucking around with the likes of LDRU and accidentally coming out with a hit.

“As we were building, what we thought was a new intro (to our set), came Ruler.”

In what can be a pretty cutthroat industry at times, the two have attempted to reach out to a few artists, like friend Kim Churchill, and been able to transfer some elements across to their show.

“(Kim)’s the master of taking people to a place where they can be free.”

Their debut record Never Too Soon was an absolute smash hit. In the lead-up to their soon-to-be-released untitled sophomore album, the two-piece have been able to keep a level head, not adding any unneeded pressure by overthinking things.

“For now, I’m enjoying writing songs that are written to make myself feel excited about life and giving people a smile when singing and listening. We're excited to see where it will end up as the unknown is an amazing thing.”

The feedback from their teasers has been incredible with some lucky fans during the SAFIA tour being treated to unreleased track ‘Moonlight Run’, which was even sung back by the crowd in Adelaide and Perth!

Just recently, Boo Seeka announced their NSW to Indo Summer Series Tour, hosting a run of shows from November through to New Year’s along the east coast and regional parts of New South Wales all the way to Canggu’s infamous Oldman’s Bar in Bali.

If you are not yet convinced, the boys would like to leave you here with a little Boo Seeka elevator pitch…

“Hey legend – welcome to the elevator. We’re a good-looking boy band from Newcastle with……. Oh, this is our floor – Come see us play when you can. If you’re disappointed, we’ll give your money back + a can of Solo.”


BOO SEEKA – NSW to Indo Summer Series Tour Dates

Fri 25 Oct | Miranda Hotel, MIRANDA Sat 2 Nov | Bitter & Twisted Festival, MAITLAND Fri 8 Nov | Astor Hotel, GOULBURN Wed 13 Nov | Beach Road Hotel, BONDI Fri 15 Nov | Narrabeen RSL, NARRABEEN Fri 22 Nov | Shoal Bay CC, SHOAL BAY Sat 23 Nov | Shoalhaven Bowls & Rec, SHOALHAVEN Fri 29 Nov | Waves, WOLLONGONG Sat 7 Dec | Marlin Hotel, ULLADULLA Sat 14 Dec | Festival Of The Sun, PORT MACQUARIE Sat 21 Dec | Byron Bay Brewery, BYRON BAY Sun 22 Dec | SECRET SHOW. Secret Fri 27 Dec | Oldman’s Bar, Bali, INDONESIA Sat 28 Dec | Oldman’s Bar, Bali, INDONESIA

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