Cassettes For Kids Day Party // Fairfield Amphitheatre // January 16

Photography: Max Reilly, Campbell Conte and Liam Rowan

Parties were fun while they lasted.

Not long ago we visited the beautiful Fairfield Amphitheatre for Cassettes For Kids’ day party. ‘Fairfie’ is firmly establishing itself as the most iconic live music venue in Melbourne with its gorgeous stone build and natural aesthetic in the wilderness overlooking the Birrarung/Yarra.

It was a terrifically run COVID-safe event by Cassettes For Kids as he headlined and handpicked a stacked local lineup featuring Pretty Girl, Suki and Bertie. Each artist brought something fresh and exciting to their sets, but also worked around each other to deliver 6 hours of relentless dancing under the trees. You can find more from all four artists at the end of the article.

Be sure to check out Off the Cassette’s short doco of the event. The video captures Cassettes For Kids’ journey, the struggles of being an emerging artist during COVID and the build-up to his Fairfield event.

We took a few happy snaps ourselves of the event during our dance breaks, enjoy.

To find more from the artists on the day:

Cassettes For Kids:

Facebook / Instagram / SoundCloud / Bandcamp / Spotify


Instagram / SoundCloud


Facebook / Instagram / SoundCloud / Bandcamp / Spotify

Pretty Girl:

Facebook / Instagram / SoundCloud / Spotify

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