Channel Tres // The Espy // Melbourne // July 19

All depths of the dance floor were explored as Channel Tres and his army of dancers brought their hype-filled set back to Australian shores.

With Splendour in the Grass in Byron Bay having been over the weekend, Melbourne was lucky enough to host a few gems from the lineup on their trip down under. Of those sideshows, none stood out more than Channel Tres.

The Compton man is treasured dearly in Melbourne with his Espy show quickly selling out. This is understandable with Australian fans being some of the first to launch into his material and his commanding live first impression during his November tour last year. Having seen Channel Tres in Canberra only 8 months ago, this short period felt like a lifetime with the producer making waves across the globe.

On a rare clear winter’s night, the crowd’s excitement was visible before the show with the line to the bandroom spreading across the whole bar as people filed in to get a good spot.

Rolling in fashionably late, it didn’t take long for fans to forgive Channel’s tardiness with the man of the hour returning with his two infamous backup dancers, Jessie Hollie and Darian Reese. Hollie and Reese ensure Channel’s sets reach full potential attacking every corner of the stage with a bounce and contagious energy like no other. This gives a justifiable reason to Channel’s minimalist setup, relying on the life himself, Hollie and Reese radiate.

The set seemed to go in a flash as Channel treated us to his whole catalogue of tracks and unreleased songs out of his upcoming Black Moses EP.

Channel’s movements throughout the set proved fluid and unrestrained as he sang, rapped and danced with a slinky flow, losing his shirt somewhere in the process. The pace of the show never slowed down as Channel and his backup dancers proved inexhaustible, taking little to no breaks between each highly choreographed tune.

The crowd was eating this up. Channel Tres’ music invites people to not take themselves so seriously and simply dance. Spread across the whole bandroom the most unlikely of demographics were caught getting into a groove. What was even better, nobody cared. People let go of their inhibitions and surrendered themselves to Channel Tres.

Only at the end were we able to catch a breath and come to the realisation that Channel doesn’t possess a large discography. Admitting this with the promise of new music to his adoring fans soon, the Compton native put it to the fans of what they’d like to hear again. Controller it was. With an additional wholesome touch warming the crowd’s hearts, one last gear was found for a second rendition of the breakout hit that put this star on the map.

In this crazy resurgence of dance music, Channel Tres is forging a path that could very well see him propel to the top. Continuous sold-out shows and festival bookings are having the LA-based producer fly onto the radars of many.

The producer is bringing live music back to its truest form with his deep care about the connection between the audience and the performer. He has been around long enough now where it can be deemed as a crime to miss Channel Tres live, so next time he’s in your city, see him as he’s an artist you must give yourself over to.

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