Colour Open Air // Collingwood Yards // February 20

Photography: Max Reilly

Imagine this, you’re an event organiser. It is four days until event day and the state is in Stage 4 lockdown. That was the challenge the organisers of Colour Club faced in the lead-up to its maiden Colour Open Air event at Collingwood Yards. It felt like Groundhog Day with the day festival destined to join the extensive list of COVID cancellations. Luckily, the tides changed. Somehow Colour was given the green light to explore the wide-open spaces with doors reopening following the five-day circuit breaker.

Located in the heart of Collingwood on Johnston Street, Collingwood Yards is a hidden live music gem. The arts precinct’s spacious courtyard allows plenty of room to dance in your own space and find a bit of quiet time under the large, leafy trees. Looking around the space you can foresee endless opportunities for future creatives. Sections could be activated for art installations or chill-out spaces, you could even add another bar to avoid the bottleneck (had to be said).

A fine sustainability initiative from Colour was their cup deposit scheme. Patrons would deposit $5 for a reusable cup, hold onto it for the day and receive the deposit back upon return at the end of the festival. The incentive had the floor looking immaculate by the end of the night, with a few punters scanning the area for unattended cups to try and snag an extra fiver!

The selection and sequencing of the lineup were crafted perfectly. The hybrid mix of live bands into DJs flowed seamlessly. Nine-piece ensemble Ausecuma Beats captivated the crowd with their infectious energy. Seeing so many different walks of life perform together for the shared love of music made the courtyard feel for a moment as though we were all one big family. Following DJ JNETT’s transition from daytime jazzy, worldly sounds into heavier, darker beats were hometown favourites Wax’o Paradiso. Both Simon and Edd demonstrated why they are such prominent figures in the scene, bringing the house down with an electrifying set.

Be sure to hit-up Colour Club for their upcoming events as we hit a (somewhat) stable level of normality.

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