DMA's - For Now (Single) Review

I don't know what I hear more of on social media threads about this threesome of talented musicians, that their music is pure class or that they rip off the likes of Oasis and The Stone Roses. And on this third and (expected) last single before the album of the same name comes out in just over a months time, we get an absolute gem of a tune. Is it inspired by the brit-rock era of the late 80s and early 90s? Hell yes it is. Is it similar to the sounds created by Oasis and The Stone Roses? Hell yes it is. Is that such a bad thing? No, it in no way shape of form is a bad thing. Why do people complain about this? We are currently living in a music environment where generic pop tunes are being produced and flung at the airwaves on the daily, electronic and sub-par hip-hop is of the popular and of the norm. It's not to say that there isn't good hip-hop or club anthems going around, there certainly is, but there is a more frequent production of these genres than what the Dma's are creating. It is a breath of fresh air to have a talented group such as the Dma's making quality alt-rock music that is quite rare these days, especially when it is to the similar sounds of Oasis. We should not be complaining. For now is probably one of their most Stone Roses' inspired tracks. It is a belter opener for the album that begins with a fade in of voices followed by the sudden boom of drum and bassline. Tommy O'dells swooning voice comes in after a few bars, it's incredibly tangible stuff. "All I need to know, she's dead to me", the opening lyrics are quite dark and they don't hold up, the next three and a half minutes is a gloomy outlook on a broken relationship, the repurcussions and eventual response to what seems to be a bad break-up. A thick and filthy riff interludes the verses almost Queens of the Stone Age like, it's definitely a darker and much more mature opening than Hills End and perhaps a hint at what the album will look like. All in all this is a great opening track for the Aussies sophomore album, it takes upon the influences of brit-rock bands before them, yet also appears to be a much more refined and "grown-up" sound that will hopefully take itself fully into the album. If anything For Now is that last little taste fans will love to get themselves ready for the album in late April, and to get prepared for the new sound that is clearly in the works.

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