Drake - Nice For What (Single) Review

Drizzy Drake, why do you do this to us? If there’s one rapper that I get the most frustrated with it’s you. I love a lot of Drake’s work, yet I am in full belief that If You’re Reading This was his last good piece of work, and even then I don’t think that project was his best work. All his singles and two albums afterwards just haven’t reached the heights he did in Nothing Was The Same or Take Care, they feel like lazy songs, plastered together to keep the fans happy, there’s been some good songs don’t get me wrong, yet none peaked my interest. Then last week he dropped Nice For What, and I was blown away. It is not peak Drake, but it definitely feels like the Drake of old, and I think all fans can get around that. I’m going to start off with what I think most people will talk about, THAT Lauryn Hill Sample, mixed with that drum, snare hi-hat combo, sure it’s a standard beat, but for some reason that sample with the beat and Drake’s flow is intoxicating. It’s the perfect mixture of hip/hop and club dance music, I expect this track to be booming everywhere soon because you can definitely groove to it. And I believe that is what is essentially the beauty of this track, Drake doesn’t sacrifice good hip/hop to appeal to the masses, take tracks like One Dance and Controlla, there’s nothing wrong with these songs, but they do sacrifice raps for pop/dance music. This track does not do this at all, the beat goes hard and Drake’s raps accompany it perfectly, there’s no British accent here, there’s no Jamaican vibe which he was obsessed with for a bit too, it’s just classic Drake. If it’s signs of things to come the only thing Drake fans can ask for is that he puts the effort in, he doesn’t cash out and make lazy music, but he makes quality music with quality samples. We all know he can do it, and I believe this is the reminder that he still can.

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