Emma Volard // Femininity // Single Review

Whether she’s expressing her concerns or telling a personal story, Emma Volard’s music is striving for justice. Her latest release, ‘Femininity’, is her most powerful track yet, fighting against the sexism that exists in the Australian music scene and beyond.

Upon recent events that have led women in the music industry to bravely come together and “speak out about their lived experiences of stigmatisation, harassment, hyper-sexualisation and degradation”, the Melbourne-based artist is reclaiming the power of her femininity in a way that is both vulnerable and empowering. The track opens with ethereal strings before the soulful groove kicks in, setting the tone for the battle that is set to unfold.

The chorus is a catchy and healthy reminder for all women. I picture belting it out with my closest friends, reminding them and myself that “Femininity / Doesn’t mitigate my rights / My identity / Illuminates this lady like”. The message is one that is very much needed and has the power to make the listener feel like they too are illuminating with confidence in their femininity.

Pleading for men “to be our allies [and] not our gender’s undoing”, Emma is hopeful that we can all come together to empower and support one another. She recognises the importance of connection and support as she prays:

“I pray for the woman who can’t stand the fight / I pray for a world where we all unite”.

The track closes with a killer choir that repeats the word ‘Femininity’ like some sort of mantra, drawing a clear vision of what a world of empowered women looks like; bold, powerful and revolutionary.

Emma Volard’s 'Femininity' is out everywhere on all streaming platforms.

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