FLOWERTRUCK - Mostly Sunny Review

It's been a really encouraging year for Australian music so far, and the goodness that has already been delivered has not held up with FLOWERTRUCK'S (must be in caps) debut project, it only gets better. In what is truly one of Australia's most unique and ambitious projects in a long time is FLOWERTRUCK'S beautifully crafted Mostly Sunny, it's quite hard to describe what genre these guys are going for perhaps a melancholy blend of pop, new wave, surf alt-rock - it's a very distinct blend. The confidence this album possesses is stated within the first three tracks; Enough for Now being a swaggy and dream-pop anthem that not once overstays it's welcome, Falling Away making great use of the synth in creating a beautiful atmosphere underneath the plucky guitar chords and killer solo, and Falling Asleep picking up the pace with booming drums and strong guitar chords that almost feels like an intense 100m sprint with a screaming guitar solo at the end. These three tracks show what us as listeners are in for, and that is an incredibly diverse and fun experience of experimental sound. It's crazy just how right FLOWERTRUCK get this experiment right though, all songs are meticulously created and blended that they all are separate from one another in sound, but when listened to in one sitting, create a seamless musical journey. There were moments of high with Comfort (a rambunctious track that is incredibly fun to listen and jam to) and moments of low with All my Girlfriends are Zepplin (a slow and moving track that was just a lonesome guitar and lonesome vox). The stand out track for myself was closer Come Across, a gorgeously crafted tragic love-tale with Flowertrucks signature and by this stage well loved guitar chords and tangible piano chords that I couldn't get enough of. The chanting of "How I come across, how I come across" during the songs breakdown was definitely the highlight of the tune. It's utterly sublime this album, I don't know what more to say, rarely does an album like this come along and I find a real enjoyment in it's unique sound and creative backing. It's a great album to listen all the way through, rather than shuffle and nit-pick a song out of, and I think that is what added to it's charm, Mostly Sunny is a lazy Sunday album. You put this album on to sit back to and take it in, all it's charms, all it's quirks and all of it's wit, from start to finish it is a joy to experience. 4.5/5

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