Good things take time – Echo Beach // Live Review // March 20

Photography: Campbell Conte and Max Reilly

Good things come to those who wait. This philosophy was put to the test for ticketholders patiently waiting to dance at Finding Figaro’s inaugural event Echo Beach at Seaworks. One of the many pandemic-suffering live shows, the long-awaited Echo Beach was originally planned to take place in March 2020 when all hell broke loose. Almost a year later following two reschedules and many quiet days at home the day finally arrived.

Remaining flexible to the current climate, the revised lineup showcased an all-Australian billing. There was an added intent to connect the Melbourne community to the westside scene with the likes of Blend, Family Affair, House of Friends, Asha and Loure taking centre stage. Supplemented with well-established acts such as Adriana, Adi Toohey, Andras, Noise In My Head and Lauren Hansom punters were shown the endless pool of local talent on offer.

Entering the venue, it is clear why Seaworks is a rising favourite for live events. Standing outside the industrial waterfront sheds amongst the navy ships punters are wowed by panoramic views of the Melbourne skyline across the water.

Leading into the open-air affair, organisers would’ve felt extreme levels of anxiety with the entire east coast experiencing record rainfalls leading up to event day. This all would’ve been eased during Loure’s sunset performance. Following a fairly overcast day, it felt as if an otherworldly figure was present as the sky transformed into a lavish pink and blue. It was a moment that will last long in the crowd’s memories as the conversations came to an eerie silence to experience this special set.

There is a big sound from the west of the town, and it looks like it will only grow. The Finding Figaro team is proving themselves to be unique trailblazers in Melbourne’s expansive scene with Echo Beach being a testament to that.

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