Greatest Hits // Volume One // EP Review

If there’s one thing 2020 needs, it’s optimism. Luckily for us, Greatest Hits have a ray of sunshine following them wherever they go. Supplying the good vibes with their debut EP Volume One, the Gold Coast based trio are preparing us for a summer of growth, change and nights to remember.

Coming together from different ends of the earth, each member ‘accidentally’ ended up on the east coast of Australia. What followed was a string of danceable singles that are ‘handling the heavy things lightly,’ and poking fun at the hard times they face.

Volume One opens with the ever so honest ‘Growler, a Little Bit of Everyone’. Admitting that the journey to self-discovery isn’t easy as they sing “I don’t know who I am”. The groove of the chorus acts as a reassuring conversation with a good friend as they accept it’s okay and make up as they venture through life’s challenges.

‘Lemon Joe’ is a perfect demonstration of Greatest Hits’ ability to make the most out of a bad situation within their music. Whilst they warn about the consequences of opening up, their concerns surrounding being stuck in a defenceless state are masked by a bouncy beat and funky guitar riff.

The 70’s groove continues in ‘Mortals’, where the Australian-UK powerhouse tries to take things easy despite the challenges that may arise. It makes a perfect soundtrack for a summer barbecue with close friends as the sun sets and the night begins to take over.

Comparing yourself to others is often harmful, yet universally felt. In the closing track ‘Trying’, Greatest Hits take a bold move in admitting that “it’s kind of hard to prove how good you are”. Ironically, throughout Volume One, they’ve proven that their success is well and truly deserved.

Greatest Hits’ charm lies in a sweet, summery combination of uplifting music and heartfelt lyrics. The two elements come together in an act of magic, inviting us to soak up the sun and the bliss that is Volume One.

Volume One is available to stream on all platforms.

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