Gus Dapperton // First Aid // Single Review

New York-based artist Gus Dapperton launched himself into public consciousness after

releasing his debut album Where Polly People Go To Read last year, with the genre-bending

album attracting attention not only for its nostalgic undertones, but also for the skills Gus

displayed writing, producing, and recording his own hits himself.


Along with his humble melodies, the album introduced many to his colourful personality.

With his unique combination of hair, colour-coordinated eye shadow, looks and fashion

sense, Gus Dapperton made himself hard to miss.

Re-entering the scene after his first album, Gus returns with a single from his forthcoming

project due to drop later this year. The new single ‘First Aid’ is unlike anything he has come

to be known for so far. It is audibly apparent that Gus has adopted a new perspective,

undoubtedly brought upon by personal experiences.


While his debut album contained dream-like harmonies that reminisced on youthful

experiences of unrequited love and sexual frustration, his new single reveals a new side to

his emotional vulnerability. Gus allows his audience to bear witness to the anxieties and

emotional intricacies of his character throughout the track.


The delicate acoustic strumming allows space for an emotional outpour, as his vocals range

from a therapeutic whisper to a booming bellow. Reflected in the lyrics, the song’s strong

imagery illustrates overwhelming feelings of despair and hopelessness.


As well as delving into a newfound form of musical exploration, we see Gus’ development as

a musician as he lyrically manifests his personal experiences of helplessness and isolation.

There is no doubt that this single was a taste of what to expect from his second album

dropping September 18.

To find more about Gus Dapperton:

Website // Facebook // Instagram

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