Hockey Dad - Corner Hotel, Melbourne 22/03/18

I have never been as sweaty, as exhausted or as confused about anything more than I was after Hockey Dad's concert at the Corner. This isn't to say it wasn't an absolute howler of a gig, but my word, the mosh ruined me and I'm convinced part of my soul has been left in the bandroom of the classic Richmond venue. It was obvious early on by the pace set by fellow supporting Sydney rockers Dear Seattle that this crowd was ready to mosh, this crowd was ready to get in and amongst the sound, and that each song would be met with as much energy as possible. The minute that Billy and Zach came on stage, the lid was off and The Corner Hotel went next level. Opening with My Stride the sound was loud, crisp and filled with an incredibly fun energy, and boy did the crowd lap it up. Beer was flowing through the air, and the mix smell of yeast, male sweat and antiperspirant was here to stay. The boys didn't let the energy hold up, an hour and a half set filled with all the hits from the highly overlooked Boronia and their latest album Blend Inn being jam packed into an incredibly consistent show, there was even a guest appearance from Melbourne sweetheart Ali Barter for Sweet Release, there was a lot going for the show. After a solid hour the fans were not holding up either, jumping was at a minimal due to the sheer amount of people squeezed in the front it was more of a collective push and shove. Notable moments included A night out with, I need a woman, Laura, I want to be everybody (a clear crowd favourite), Join the club, and the closer which burst open the roof, Homely Feeling. The boys were loving the crowd, and it is clear that they have worked hard to achieve the sound they want live, not a note was missed nor song held up, they gave it their all and there isn't much more you could've asked for. I walked out of the corner drenched and ready to reevaluate my life due to the sheer amount of energy and craziness of that mosh, yet one thing was for certain, Hockey Dad and their fans sure do know how to put on a show.

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