Holly Hebe // Interview

It’s not an easy time for the music industry, but for Holly Hebe, it is 'one of the most creative

times' in her life. Using this time to really explore her art, Holly has fine-tuned her sound in the

ever so tender track ‘We Are Fine’. Speaking to T-Rex Musiq, Holly let us into her colourful,

artistic world.

Taking inspiration from Maggie Rogers and James Blake, Holly has mastered the art of

'manipulating sound' and turning it into pure bliss. Her first single 'Sink' invited us into her world

of warmth, groove and honesty, which she describes as a “learning curve” that has certainly

paid off.

'I felt so overwhelmed to see that people were liking [Sink],' Holly said in reflection of the track,

mentioning that 'it has meant so much to see people jamming to it!'

What is perhaps the most admirable thing about Holly, however, is her charisma. It radiates

through her words and is what has made a lasting impact on her music, even throughout a

pandemic. With the time to learn more about her music, her relationships and herself, Holly’s

latest track ‘We Are Fine’ came to life in the depths of Melbourne’s first lockdown. The result?

Honesty that melts your heart.

The opening piano is accompanied by the sounds of birds, making you feel like you’re sat next

to Holly as she plays her piano. Whilst the song progresses into something large and

extravagant, Holly keeps you close throughout it all like she’s confiding in you. The ease into the

track resembles how therapeutic music is for Holly as she mentioned that it has 'helped me

express things I didn’t know how to otherwise.'

'Everything seemed to flow quite quickly,' Holly told T-Rex Musiq about the writing process,

'We Are Fine' is one of those songs that seemed to write itself … 'I find these songs the best to

write as I don’t spend too much time overthinking things and just let whatever happens happen!'

Reflecting on her time in lockdown, Holly mentioned that 'It has honestly been such a massive

period of growth for me and my music which I feel very lucky to say.' We Are Fine perfectly

represents this as she sings 'I made it out to be okay / Spoke to you just yesterday / Told myself

and everybody else / We are fine.'

Holly has learnt the delicate art of looking after herself when things aren’t working and turning it

into something magical, and we cannot wait to see what magical potion she creates next.

Stream her new single here!

We Are Fine

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