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Australian music lovers of the past would have to travel far to discover a thriving music scene. Berlin, London, Tokyo and New York are just a few music hubs that provide unforgettable live experiences. However, unless you’re sitting on a pot of gold, most will only get to travel to these places a handful of times in their life. Luckily, in recent years the tables have turned. People from across the world are now flocking to Melbourne to grab a piece of what’s going on, and why wouldn’t they? The underground scene is buzzing with its very own crop of artists that are matching or progressing on the sounds heard from other parts of the world. It’s a shame these artists aren’t receiving the credit they deserve. One artist that is flying under the radar is Loure.

Melbourne-based Geelong DJ/producer Thomas Guida is stamping his print on the local scene with his impressive DJ sets and live band performances under his stage name Loure. Guida first began making music under moniker Leaks but decided shortly after to rebrand. A concoction of electronic, dub and R&B, Leaks laid the foundation for the cool, dreamy soundscape that would become Loure.

Whilst travelling through Europe, Guida fell in love with the music scene, exposing himself to a euphoric club culture and music setting. This ignited a desire within Guida to create the type of music that would have him return to that setting again and again. Subsequently, Loure was born.

Building up through Melbourne’s underground, Loure wrote and performed with other artists. The vibrant scene provided plenty of support for the young producer as he soon released music of his own.

Under French label Noir & Blanche, Loure released his debut EP Westside Movements. The EP would follow a European influenced sound, especially French house, blending well with other artists on the label Folamour and Tell. Westside Movements was an outstanding first release from start to finish as listeners were introduced to Loure’s unique interpretation of deep house and contemporary jazz.

The second song on the tracklist Keep It Real remains a favourite amongst fans. From the moment the track begins with its smooth percussion and piano chords, listeners are immediately hooked. As soon as the jazzy horn line blends in, you’ve completely surrendered yourself to the melody.

Loure quickly followed up with releases to the present date of Smooth Talk, Avenues and 13th Hour, Vol. 3 (a collaboration with Felipe Gordon and 13th Hour Recordings). These have crafted a fine catalogue for the young DJ/producer, placing Loure as the perfect artist to soundtrack a number of picturesque settings whether that be those late summer nights, endless sunsets or long scenic drives immersed in your own thoughts.

In his latest EP Avenues, Loure unveiled another side of himself. With music that’s already heavily thought provoking and meticulously constructed, Loure allowed listeners into his own personal world. In an interview with Flux, Loure expressed, “I wanted people to feel like this music wasn’t meaningless – to understand it had reason.” With strong links to the dance scene, Loure dialled things down with this project, displaying maturity in using his music as an outlet to therapeutically express himself.

In Australia, there has been a growth in having mass music gatherings in surreal natural environments. Event organisers sell the experience of a place that draws people away from reality. In these spaces, Loure fits perfectly. Loure has featured twice in the lush landscapes that surround Hopkins Creek in the Kulkurt Crater and events at Fairfield Amphitheatre. More recently, the DJ/producer was included in the billing of a festival located in the Otway Hinterlands demonstrating how he is becoming a staple in these beautiful settings.

Similarly, in the club scene Loure is showing he’s a local force. With frequent improvisations with his live band, Loure is accustomed to reading the crowd and choosing a different direction to pursue in his DJ sets. Playing a number of his own shows and supporting the likes of Laurence Guy and Harvey Sutherland, expect to find Loure controlling a dancefloor in your area soon.

It’s uncertain how long the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic will last. For the music industry, this could see international touring come to a halt for quite some time. Music fans should use this period as an opportunity to turn their focus onto our local artists. We have the advantage of an unbelievable underground scene where artists like Loure are just the tip of the iceberg. To keep it in its current condition, we must get behind our local artists to have them come out on the other side of this pandemic. So, go that little bit further than you did before, dig deeper in iso and listen to someone new, share it with a friend, or maybe buy a record or some merch to support the lively scene we’re fortunate enough to have.

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