Japanese Wallpaper // Corner Hotel, Melbourne // October 25th

Photography: Aaron Tung

From Triple J’s Unearthed charts to international stardom. Gab Strum, more commonly known as Japanese Wallpaper returns with a full-band tour for his second studio project following his self-titled EP back in 2016. The indie-electronic pop artist first swept across the Australian music scene 3 years ago with his single ‘Between Friends,’ since then, Gab Strum’s craft for producing music continues to evolve.

Following on from his success at a tender age of 17, his strength in production has slowly progressed and matured from dreamy-pop roots. His career as a musician has also allowed Strum to venture with his hard-earnt talents into other artist’s projects. Gab’s aptitude and prowess for production lingers subtly among a plethora of great Australian music. Honourable collaborations include Australian artists such as Mallrat, Allday and SAFIA . Following international tours with pop megastars M83 and Lily Allen, Japanese Wallpaper finally dropped the highly anticipated 10-track album ‘Glow’ marking Gab and the band’s debut LP. The record emerges and highlights Gab Strum’s new Stemming off from bedroom beginnings, Gab Strum takes ‘Glow’ as a chance to reflect as well as explore his own individualism. Japanese Wallpaper take their new album on the biggest national tour to this day along with support acts Lontalius (NZ) and Montgomery.

Crowds on the Friday night trickled into the Band room as Gold-Coast singer/songwriter Montgomery took to stage. Atmospheric jams and slick production are words to describe her set, captivating audiences with vintage synths and shimmering vocal hooks. On a personal note, Montgomery’s music seems to stem from new-wave dream pop, a growing genre adopted by artists such as Hatchie or even Troye Sivan. The set was a perfect Segway for the rest of the evening to unfold.

Swoony vocalisation and chords of intricacy. Following Montgomery was New Zealand Artist Lontalius. After spending time in LA, creating slicker production and fine-tuning his sound, Eddie Johnston showcased his new album ‘All I Have’ in style. Lontalius is clearly a master of distinctive song-writing, his ability to balance tender pop with buoyant rhythms, refreshing and shining the genre of pop under a new light. Both supporting artists prior to Japanese Wallpaper’s set created a delicate yet fantastic atmosphere in anticipation for the final headliner.

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