Jay Kira // OD Freestyle // Single Review

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'Music is changing a lot, genre-bending is the future of rap'

Jay Kira

Producer & Rap aficionado, Jay Kira is a genre-weaving lyrical rap artist hailing from the western suburbs of Melbourne.

Fresh off of a feature on ‘LazyFFort’s track ‘ROOM’ a Korean/English rap, pop rager & multiple sold-out shows it is clear that Jay Kira’s presence within the underground music scene is widespread & palpable. With a new single on the market, his musical prowess continues to impress.

A professional graphic designer for the past seven years turned musician after a trip to LA when he was 15 changed the trajectory of his life for the better. Sitting in crowded rooms with cousins & relatives whilst playing Grand Theft Auto, Jay's family began taking turns freestyling.

Being the youngest of the bunch, Jay was admirable in the way they were able to build their own unique flows and bars. This trip was a turning point for Jay, who began working relentlessly on his craft.

'I garnered an ability to rap through listening to the likes of JAY-Z & J.I.D,' Kira explained, 'I’m not into all types of music but I can appreciate all music; I am into genre-bending.'

Kira belongs to a local independent management collective titled Ivy Music Group, a project reaching out through Melbourne's urban scene. Loaded with a variety of genres, Jay Kira is rostered alongside other promising talents such as ‘Squid The Kid’, ‘Marcus Kech’ & ‘Holly Hebe.’

Speaking on his experience with the label, 'Ivy is incredible: Jordan & Brody. I feel like I am robbing you with my music. You invest in me & you do so much for me. I have so much faith in you. Massive respect to those two.'

‘OD Freestyle’ supersedes everything that Jay has released prior both musically & stylistically OD’s cover was initially "A photo taken by a friend of mine (chirathi.png on Instagram) which I then edited in photoshop. I wanted to juxtaposes this cover to my first EP “Kira” which was all red” Jay says “OD is the startup, it’s designed to be played before a game or a party; it’s shit you listen to before a crazy night out, it’s on that hype shit”(sic).

The production on the track draws clear inspiration from heavy trap artists such as ‘JID’ & ‘Ski Mask The Slump God’, heavy on the 808’s & limited in samples, Jay’s production utilises simplicity with the beat in order to complement his distinct lyrical flow. Punchy in lyricism, Kira bends his pace around his track making it an impressive listen from start to finish.

Kira's method of creating music is questionable. 'the way I make music is really weird I never know how a track is going to go until I make it.' Mostly produced himself (besides the sample), Jay excels and is 'most productive after 8 pm.'

With a background in graphic design, marketing and visuals have never been an issue in Jay Kira's music career, whether it be the cover art or social media posts.

As an entertainer, Jay Kira's execution is especially engaging.

The energy radiates the room, highkey & hyper you can’t help but let out an ad-lib or two while being in the crowd at his shows. He moulds his baritone voice in beautiful fashion for niche lyrical flow while also switching up the pace of his rapping to create poetic bars guaranteed to make you feel hyped. Jay Kira’s music is an enjoyable listen; due to this unique sound and unconventional production, his material can appeal to a wide range of hip-hop fans.

Photography: @chirathi.png Laundry Bar May 21st

Jay’s next project ‘Nightscape’ (due out July 23rd) needs to be blasted on a night out while driving with friends, its filmic sounds are guaranteed to match the aesthetic of today's youth.

'OD Freestyle' is now available to stream here

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