Komang // Dewi // Single Review

Melbourne-based vocalist, producer and performer Komang’s recent introduction to the city’s diverse music scene was one that caught the attention of many. Komang, otherwise known as Rosie Clynes, first entered the spotlight when she curated an evening of impressive performances earlier this year at AsiaTOPA to celebrate the creation of her upcoming EP Mythologies.

With the support of fellow Melbourne-based artist Sui Zhen, Komang presents her much anticipated debut single ‘Dewi’. Represented by Ditto, this track is the first to be released from her forthcoming EP. Describing herself as “Solange with an Indonesian twist”, Komang’s musical influences are evident in the neo-soul vibes of her song.

This single perfectly blends a mix of electronic RnB with traditional Gamelan to produce a soulful groove. Komang’s ethereal vocals are layered to echo a homage to her ancestors, cultural traditions and motherhood. The song’s lyrics allude an identity duality in Komang, drawing inspiration from both her Indonesian and Western influences.

As a direct acknowledgment to her Balinese heritage, the song’s title is both the Indonesian word for ‘goddess’ and a common woman’s name. Offering a sense of refreshing femininity, the lyrics offer listeners stories of identity as she makes an ode to femme lineage. Komang stresses the importance of familial connection and expresses an appreciation for the strength of women.

Establishing herself as a new contributor to Melbourne’s vibrant music sphere, there is no doubt Komang’s multidisciplinary talents will continue to grace us in the future.

Komang’s ‘Dewi’ is out now on all streaming platforms.

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