Las Mar // Weekend Repair // Single Review

Multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter, Nicholas Martyn is a hidden gem lurking in Melbourne’s local scene. Martyn, better known as Las Mar, curates an indescribable blend of genre-bending sounds and atmospheres that channel a powerful psychedelic nature.

Formally a founding member of Clairy Browne & The Bangin’ Rackettes, Martyn went on to develop his own solo-project.

Rich vocals and heavy drumbeats fuse together with a plethora of different instruments, making it difficult to fathom that an artist of his calibre remains so overlooked.

While releasing his own music, Las Mar’s talents has extended to working with revered Australian icons in the music industry such as Gotye, Hiatus Kaiyote, D.D Dumbo and Matt Corby. Since his first studio-bedroom album in 2016, Las Mar has taken his performance abroad, playing international gigs around the world such as Australia, Japan and Europe.

Martyn’s performance is nothing short of a spectacle, he blends keys and sounds along with his vocals and drum rendition. His performance style is almost a spiritual ceremony, displaying his emotional investment in his music, made clear by his facial expression and presence behind his instruments.

On-stage, Las Mar’s showmanship radiates compelling energy. The ability to form musical atmospheres with improvisational methods is impressive to any audience, especially when there are multiple instruments involved.

Las Mar makes his mark on 2020 with his new track ‘Weekend Repair’, the second single release off of his upcoming sophomore album. The track is skewed from his typical sound, experimenting new rhythms, yet seamlessly remains honest to his typical style.

You can tell Martyn is an absolute wizard on the drums. Strong vibrations surround this track, urging listeners to get on their feet and move their bodies. The introduction sounds almost tribal, staying true to his earlier work. However, Las Mar has taken a more up-beat and punchy approach.

Then there’s the bassline, instant groove. Las Mar’s ability to layer his instruments offers whole new levels to his music. His noticeable versatility when wielding different sounds delivers strength to his unpredictable nature. There is urgency in Las Mar’s vocals.

While the instrumental aspect of the track is astounding, the lyrical aspect encapsulates a deeper meaning.

“I wrote this song about the moves we must make to survive in a rapidly changing world. It’s a song for wiping the slate clean (or life doing it for you) and being pushed into personal growth.”

- Las Mar

With heavily textured guitar riffs, cracking basslines and overall artistic flair, Martyn funnels his extensive sound range into an organised turbulence, establishing himself as a distinct solo-project.

‘Weekend Repair’ is available now via Las Mar's streaming channels:

Spotify / Apple Music / Bandcamp / SoundCloud

In light of his release, Las Mar has announced a special live performance Live At The Grove, airing Thursday 23 July.

The Grove: YouTube / Facebook

Check out Las Mar's socials and site for news on live shows, music and more information.

Facebook / Instagram / Official Web

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