Logic - Bobby Tarantino II Review

Woah, who would've thought that in 2018 Logic would have released one of his greatest pieces of work to date. Like Grandpa Rick from hit show Rick and Morty says in the opening track of Bobby Tarantino II (BT2), "I'm not in the mood for a message", and there won't be one in BT2. Rick continues, "He's got a plethora of music that varies from mood to mood" - and he really does, some times it works and some times it doesn't. I've never taken a huge liking to Logic personally, his old mixtapes were pretty cool and unique, yet as time has gotten on he has become more so a political speaker of race and diversity than what many people fell in love with him for, and that's a badass nerd MC. It's obvious that Logic has heard the cries of the public, they don't want another Everybody they want some middleground, and that's quite frankly another Bobby Tarantino. BT2 is far from a perfect rap album, yet it provides a nice change to all the current mumble rap that is flogging the airwaves at the moment. Like most of Logic's work, the beats and production are crisp and unorthodox, opening track Overnight has an almost nintendo 8-bit synth over the top of the booming snare and bass beat that is incredibly catchy. The following track Contra sees Logic embody Migos and takes trap beats with ad libs into a 3 minute trip that fails to impress with bland lyrics and same-same beat. Yet, the low-point of the album starts and ends there and what follows is another 45 minutes of after-hours beats and smart rhymes that will fill club floors and easily create a new brand of Logic fans. The album varied from early Gambino in Boomtrap Protocol to a self-confessed "J-dilla" type beat on Indica Badu, with trap and straight rap in between, it shouldn't work yet it does. He even mixes a 90s type beat over the top of some subliminal bars on Warm it up. And that's perhaps why I had such a good time with it, it played out like a mixtape rather than a safe and risk-less logic album. I have no problem with people enjoying any of Logic's work, I won't judge their opinions, yet for me personally, this is the Logic that works and one that the fans ask more of. It does have it's more dour moments, State of Emergency and Wizard of Oz are standard rap trap, nothing special. Yet finishes on a high note with the lead single 44 More, a track that not only announced the return of the Logic many admire, but the closing track that tells us all there is plenty more of him to come. 3.5/5

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