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Melbourne is an exciting place to be. Perhaps not in the current COVID climate, but in relation to the state of music, the cultural hub is home to an underground scene that is exploding across the globe. Artists like Horatio Luna, 30/70 and Surprise Chef are beginning to make waves in Europe, whilst others like Sampa the Great are flourishing. There is a diversity that is making the scene ever so attractive with each artist adding their own unique spin on things.

DJ/producer Thomas Guida, more commonly known as Loure, continues the city’s experimental trend with his latest release Outta 106. The young producer momentarily steps away from past hip-hop sampling sounds to deliver his best record yet as he infuses his deep love of jazz with electronic music. If you zoom out on Loure’s entire catalogue, you can see a natural progression towards the sounds heard in each successive record. However, Outta 106 takes a more noticeable leap as Loure, with the help of his live band and a few of Melbourne’s hidden gems, delivers a musically focused record.

The EP has been hot on the market with vinyl pressings selling out instantly. In an interview with T-Rex Musiq, the producer humbly credits the record’s success to his collaborators.

“I think the reason my music is what it is isn’t because of me. It’s because of the people that I write with, the people that dedicate their time to recording and dedicate their talent to making something together.”

In previous records like Avenues, Loure would delve deep internally into his own thoughts, using music as a means of expressing himself. In Outta 106 the focus shifts outwards, reflecting the people Loure surrounds himself with.

“I think the idea behind Outta 106 was…it was about bringing together the Melbourne community and the friends that I work with to create something new, something unique.”

Getting this record out presented its challenges. The fact that it had more of a musical tone rather than your standard 5-track 4/4 house cut meant that it did not align with record labels’ visions. “People aren’t always willing to take that sort of stuff on,” Loure added.

Sitting on the experimental record for some time and wanting to showcase it to the world sparked motivation to kickstart his own independent label Nothin’ Personal. Still contributing to other labels for his club setting releases, Nothin’ Personal gives Loure complete artistic agency. The artist/label owner can now operate to his own timeline and freely explore new sounds.

The mood Outta 106 emits has adapted well to the current COVID circumstances. Currently, we are not able to go out and do the things we would normally be doing, and although that may feel restrictive it has given us the perfect opportunity to sit and listen. Loure has made light out of the situation we are all in, providing the perfect record for home listening.

“I saw that (COVID) as an opportunity to put out a record like this where it definitely has more home listening sound about it rather than a club record,” Loure shared. “I think that there was an opportunity to leverage that and use it to your advantage.”

The producer’s heart goes out to all venue owners struggling in these times, longing for the day live music will return.

“I’d want nothing more than to play again and I hope that happens sooner rather than later, you know as I definitely miss it and I’m sure a lot of other people do as well.”

Expect more releases to come from Loure and Nothin’ Personal this year as things begin to reopen. To provide an added level of warmth to everyone’s homes, the producer with live band members Chris Jennings and Lochie Thompson have created a chilling live performance of tracks ‘The Walk Home’ and ‘Talking Circles’.

A 12-minute journey that is vintage Loure with an eye for the future. As with many of his releases, there is a fine balance that allows each individual piece to be looked at separately, but also as a whole with other tracks on the project. Well within his repertoire, this alludes to the prospect of a potential album one day. In response to the possibility of a future full-length record, Loure had to say:

“It’s something that’s crossed my mind. The thing that stops me from doing it is time. If I’m going to do an album, something like that I guess is too personal and it’s something that you want to be sure about as well. When I do decide to do an album, I want to have the time and the resources that I need in order to do it the way I want to do it. The time’s definitely not yet, but hopefully sometime in the near future.”

Outta 106 by Loure is out now on all streaming platforms.

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