LOVER // Wow // Single Review

We are living in an era of nostalgia.

The seventies aesthetics are renewed through flare jeans and roller-skates, the eighties are experiencing a revival via mullets and shag haircuts, and Disney is seizing every opportunity to profit off live-action remakes.

As for Sydney-based artist Oliver Kirby, AKA ‘LOVER’, their new single ‘Wow’ channels a charming nineties angst. The lyrics could soundtrack a nineties teen film, where the protagonist gets the girl and they drive into the sunset. The beginning of the song emits a static sound, like turning on a box TV. Although easy to miss behind the attention-directing production, this effect is everything. It leads us into the naive, romanticised and edgy world LOVER has created within this track.

The dreamy instrumentals paired with fuzzy vocals invite us into a cinematic atmosphere. The lyrics are entwined with innocence (‘Wow your smile, too beautiful to be connected to the ground’) and aren’t to be taken seriously, playing like love-gushed poetry on the last page of a notebook.

Contrasting their usual lo-fi soundscape, LOVER’s latest track steps out of their comfort zone. The melody is alike to the synth-crazed sounds of Gus Dapperton, while sound production mirrors that of indie artist Roy Blair.

In today's scene, you can't just say you listen to indie music, you have to be specific. Emerging sub-genres in dream pop, bedroom pop, indie-folk and garage punk have shapeshifted what we depict as 'indie'. 'Wow' floats fluidly across all categories. The production sounds as though Nick Ward spilt coffee over his set-up in the best possible way as it finds the balance between being rugged and polished. Using the sounds of 2000s indie-rock, listeners will find a sense of familiarity that makes the track upbeat and easy to dance to, although its experimentation still gives the track a modern uniqueness.

What I love most about ‘Wow’, isn’t its teleportation to the Ten Things I Hate About You film world, but it’s non-attachment to musical boundaries. ‘Wow’ plays as a testament to the versatility in today's post-genre world - where acoustic guitars work with borderline-emo vocals and a cinematic melody. It’s messy but in a charming way.

'Wow' by LOVER is available to stream everywhere now.

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