Marcus Kech // Interview

Photography: Kevin Long

Many things can happen over the course of a year. Relationships can be made whilst others fade. There can be sparks of happiness, but also enduring bouts of pain and sadness. Melbourne artist Marcus Kechenovich, better known as Marcus Kech, captures the countless events that occur across a single lap around the sun with YOU WILL BE OKAY. Amidst the up-tempo electronic, disco waves and grooves, the young artists’ most recent project enlightens listeners on his past 12 months. Behind that funky beat we discover a 19-year-old attempting to find clarity and presence after the breakdown of a long-lasting relationship. Kech sat down with T-Rex Musiq to discuss his musical background, the new EP and what he has planned next.

For as long as Kech can remember, music has always been a major part of his life. A musical path allured Kech at a very young age from undertaking vocal lessons at 6-years-old to learning to play ‘Wish You Were Here’ on guitar in year 5, When he was a baby, Kech and his siblings would hear the likes of George Michael, Michael Jackson and Duran Duran blasted in their ears by their parents.

“It was being shoved into my brain, which I loved!”

Kech’s siblings would go on to make strides within the music industry, his parents gave endless support to follow suit. “My dad and my mum are my biggest fans,” he said.

With this constant surrounding of music, it was inevitable that the youngest of the family would attempt to make releases of his own.

Year 10 was a major steppingstone for Kech. Listening to influences like Daft Punk, Kech would think, “Ah fuck, I want to do this!” Kech decided he wanted to turn music into a living. Further developing his guitar and bass skills solo, Kech decided to teach himself to play keys, drums and produce.

School became less of a priority as Kech had other ideas in his sights.

“I ditched most classes to go to the library and make music,” Kech said. The young producer would get lost in his own bedroom studio sessions at night and find himself still awake at sunrise.

This motivation to enter the music industry now finds Kech releasing his own music, collaborating with other artists and studying a degree in music production at Collarts. Kech told T-Rex Musiq that he could not be more pleased with his current situation.

“It’s gone from this thing that I want to do, to now this is what I’m doing,” he said. “Every day is now just constantly music, and I love that!”

The electronic music the Melbourne producer makes bursts with energy. Kech relates this to living in the Melbourne CBD through all of his teenage years.

“It’s the vibe of the city, there’s just so much energy.”

From his apartment, Kech can view the whole Melbourne skyline come to life at night. Seeing punters outside his window regularly indulge in the booming Melbourne nightlife amongst the flickering lights, it is easy to see how this reflects in his music.

However, in his latest EP Kech opts to slow things down. Taking things back a notch allows Kech to describe the mix of emotions he felt over the past year.

The producer deliberately explores these feelings chronologically throughout the EP. In the first 3 songs on the tracklist, listeners hear of a young man that is struggling with losing a key person in his life.

“I was really down in the dirt,” Kech expressed. “I didn’t even know who I was anymore.”

Kech found releases to this unrest in both partying and music with the latter pouring out of himself.

Come to track 4 ‘ALL NIGHT’, things start to turn around for Kech. The broken heart begins to mend, Kech discovers that even through these difficult patches you will be okay.

‘CUDDLES’ closes the EP with Kech finding a new outlook on life after a wild year.

“I’m actually where I want to be right now,” Kech exclaimed. “I’m happy now.”

The response from a few of the singles on the EP, especially ‘LUX’, caught Kech off-guard. Kech found the hype very warming on the heart. However, not to get caught up in it all, Kech has a goal to remain present as he works on a few more projects.

“I just want to focus on the now and veer slightly into the future.”

Currently Kech is enjoying collaborating with other artists and working patiently on his debut album. The producer has aspirations for this record to follow on from the end of his last EP, evolving into a chiller, more acoustic and intricate album with a greater emphasis on lyrics and melodies.

Along with many other artists, Kech is frustrated with the ongoing pandemic crisis, itching to express himself on the live stage.

“I just want to be up there with a mic and just going crazy!”

Conversely, there is an understanding of how things take time. “You have to learn patience,” he added.

There is a ferocious passion for music one can visibly see in Kech when sitting next to him. Not much needed to be said to ignite the fire within him and how he wishes to better himself every day. To add to the extensive list of instruments he plays, Kech is learning the violin, so expect to see that in some future releases. The desire is there and is ready to infect onto others once venues reopen.

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