Matt Corby // Vitamin // Single Review

Hottest 100 legend and genre-bending artist Matt Corby surprised his fans

recently with the release of two new singles: ‘If I Never Say A Word’ and

‘Vitamin’. The tracks, which bear similarities in their poetic lyrics and

meticulous rhythms, demonstrate Matt’s evolution within his musical aesthetic.

Juxtaposing his soulful and heavier hits, ‘Miracle Love’ and ‘Monday’, the new

single ‘Vitamin’ expresses a techno-pop melody. Upon first listen, I initially felt indifferent to the track’s electronic, house-inspired beat. The absence of real-life instruments felt forcefully experimental from Matt, straying away from his ethereal formula. Though, as I listened more, the ebullient tone seemed less like a venture into a new era, but rather a diligent act by Matt in an otherwise depressing song.

In an interview with Triple J, Corby states that ‘Vitamin’ is one of his

deeper tracks, describing the tune as, “a view on the self and the world; how

we are affected by the world and how the world is affected by us. What we

consume, what we tolerate and don’t tolerate, what our conversations are.”

It’s no doubt the lyrics of ‘Vitamin’ shape its purpose, with Matt describing the lyrics as, "half-literal and half-metaphorical”. The prominent, fast-paced drums and catchy rhythm reference the euphoria experienced in substance highs. The vulnerable lyrics, “Lazy was the method of living/ Cigarette blazing/ Caffeine cup full/ Vitamins going to waste” conversely shed light on addiction and escapism, dragging us back down to Earth.

I’ve listened to Matt’s music for years, falling in love with his calmingly deep voice and jazzy, transcendent beats. However, there’s something different about ‘Vitamin’ that awards itself several replays. The tune’s infectious optimism with its fun, almost-convoluted beat moves your body. The repetitive lyric, “And I wanna start over ‘cause I really love you all/ To defy emptiness and to find peace in it” affirms to us that within darkness, opportunity to grow and live again exists eternally.

The ending lyric, “And the reasons are clear, I’ll start moving on” paired with

Matt’s signature raspy vocals leaves listeners with a lasting feeling of contentment. The track’s slow drawn out conclusion symbolic of the ongoing, non-linear nature of healing.

Matt’s new singles, ‘If I Never Say A Word’ and ‘Vitamin’ are available now on all streaming platforms.

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