Priya Francis // Jeans // Single Review

Priya Francis and the renaissance of the feminine R&B anthem.

When we listen to music that comforts us, what is it that makes us feel held by artists we love?

The opening bars of Priya Francis’ new single ‘Jeans’ encapsulates nostalgia and comfort in a way that only Ms. Francis could deliver. With clean vocal runs and a tone like honey, we are served with what can only be described as a reincarnation of Brandy in her prime. Essentially, the girl can SING. The lone guitar riff layered delicately underneath allows Priya’s vocal prowess to shine, before the introduction of the rhythm section brings us back to the present day.

The bass is oozing, reflective of Priya’s influence by the modern-day granddaughters of RnB like Kehlani and H.E.R. The seamless blend of bass and melody over current trap drums make a fail-proof formula for a musical equivalent to a steaming bowl of chicken soup. Warm, tasty, comforting.

The most striking aspect of Priya’s songwriting is their maturity. The content is an honest reflection of growing up, parting with old friends, shedding your skin, and stepping closer to your own identity. In previous interviews, Priya stated, “I was just losing touch with friends - without there being some sort of argument or blow up”. This is best summarised in the fortune cookie chorus: “Take this as a maybe, I might see you sometime / Maybe when I’m walking down the street / Take this and don’t force it, we just had a good time / Maybe we’ve just reached the limit and grown out of these jeans”. We rarely hear an amicable break-up song crafted so earnestly. Within these lyrics, we are empowered to grow and learn, and foster the best versions of ourselves moving forward. It’s intimate and classy, truly a coming-of-age anthem.

What’s next for Australia’s answer to Summer Walker? In her own words, “Keep an eye out! There’s definitely [new] music on the way, whether it’s my own stuff or collaborations.”

‘Jeans’ by Priya Francis is available everywhere now.

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