RL Grime - Arcus ft. GRAVES (Single) Review

RL Grime has returned with a banging new single alongside Hawaiin producer Graves, and it is exactly what fans have been asking for. RL Grime is known for his large production, filthy synth work and pulsating bass rhythm’s and this track is no different. What Grime does well is making huge tracks that are incredibly clean in production and crazy in execution, rarely venturing out of that safe zone. So, in terms of development there isn’t anything different on offer, but he’s not here for that, he’s here to make stadium sized tracks that will get crowds clapping their hands, losing their minds to the tune of each dirty drop. The tracks you screw your face up to when you hear them because you know it’s a banger.

Arcus is that type of track.

Synths create an atmosphere of tension whilst snares pop and fasten before the drop of the bass. And when the bass drops, it is every bit of RL Grime throughout. Hi-hats are clattering with electro chords chiming and rhythmic bass keeping the pace. It is what you’d expect from a new RL Grime track, yet it is every bit as enticing as the last one he released. He knows his formula works, he is incredibly aware he has a knack for creating anthems that rely just as hard on the build up as they do on the drop.

And that is where his success lies, he has a strong ability to create strong electronic music in the most simplest of forms. There are layers to his work, yet nothing over-complicated. Arcus highlights an artist in full confidence of what he is creating, at the top of his game. It is no lie that RL Grime's style isn't for all, but he isn't here to win over hearts, he's here to supply a new track for fans of his music, no more, no less.

In a world where generic production in pop music often shoved down everyone’s throats, it always is nice to have producer that is willing to make sharp electronic tracks that just get the heart pounding. His trajectory may not change often, but RL Grime has made another winner in Arcus. Filthy and loud, just how the fans like it.

Arcus is now available to listen to on all streaming services.

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