RUFUS DU SOL - Underwater (Single) Review

It's not RUFUS anymore. It's RUFUS DU SOL. With the change to their international alias RUFUS DU SOL come brimming with a familiar, yet fresh sound. We got a tease with No Place, a dark electro house tune that would've been very comfortable on their debut album Atlas. I enjoyed it, yet it felt like the same RUFUS of old, with some interesting textures and sounds but lacking the confidence that many of the lead singles from Innerbloom possessed. The follow up single Underwater dropped on Friday, and in the lead up I wasn't as excited as I thought I may have been, yet the initial worries were soon diminished when the first chorus hit my ears.

Underwater is a bold and confident track, it is vintage RUFUS with bursts of a new direction and sound. It is obvious that they have gone for a much darker and deeper sound in this new tune. Lower pitched synths are writhing everywhere, and bass-lines are heavy and pulsating, the perfect after hours mix. Snappy electronic snares compliment these layers and of course lead singer Alfie does not miss a beat with his crisp and intoxicating vocals. These gorgeous and dreamy layers of synth and electro are capped off perfectly with the haunting chants of a tribal choir in the chorus and throughout various sections of the song. The sound is instantly recognisable, you know it's RUFUS DU SOL, but you also know it's something fresh and something new.

And that is what truly stood out to me, there's so many sounds popping and flashing throughout this song, it feels like a living and breathing song. RUFUS have always had this effect I feel, where songs feel alive and force you to sway within the grooves, and this song is no different, it possesses real emotion and vibe. If this is the sound they are trying to capture in their upcoming album, Solace, it will be very interesting to see how it pans out, how these soundscapes can continue to be fresh and new upon what they have already done. I'm excited to see how it pans out, until then I will be having this song turned up for a good while.

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