Skin On Skin // Save Me // EP Review

The month of August saw the second studio EP release from Brisbane-based producer and DJ Skin On Skin, a driving talent in the electronic and techno scene. At the turn of the new year, the young artist took to the stage, pumping out performances across the globe, including very memorable Australian sets at Beyond The Valley and Pitch Music & Arts Festival.

Since S.O.S’s inception in 2016, the producer’s reputable sound and style has continued to evolve. Utilising upbeat house and techno atmospheres, S.O.S creates high energy anthems for both club and festival scenes alike. Last year, the young artist’s momentum and reach grew as he featured on the nationally broadcasted Triple J Mix Up. S.O.S went on to release his debut EP Steel City Discs Volume 9, then famously teamed up with esteemed Australian producer Mall Grab for the collaborative project EP Strangers.

After years of previewing during his live performances, S.O.S officially released Save Me, a catchy and exciting two-track EP. The tracks ‘Save Me’ and ‘Way Ur Touchin Me’ both go hand-in-hand, echoing each other with a signature wavy bass texture. The Brisbane DJ expressed his gratitude for these tracks, as they were ‘the ignition to Skin On Skin’ and he would not be in his current position without them. This kind of connection between artist and music creates fascinating new depths to S.O.S as a musician.

Beyond his reputation as a performer and producer, the young artist is the mind behind Stay On Sight Recordings, his very own independent label. Created as a home for his releases, the Stay On Sight Recordings also serves as a “collaborative community for S.O.S friends and family.”

Emerging talent like Skin On Skin is what fuels the anticipation for the comeback of live music as Australian quarantine nears a close.

Save Me is out now on all streaming platforms.

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