Stevan // SIA // Single Review

Photography: Eddy Ming

Emerging Wollongong multi-instrumentalist, Stevan is maturing before our eyes with his identity searching single ‘SIA’. The new release accompanies the announcement of his second mixtape, Ontogeny, just 4 months following his breakthrough debut Just Kids.

Alongside his earlier single ‘Impress You, ‘SIA’ is a progressive sound that you would not initially expect to come out of Australia. The track’s intimate state of calm shows remnants of early Frank Ocean and Childish Gambino. The sonic narrowing to a relaxed R&B feel creates a fluid and easy listen, perfect for some late-night hammock swinging if you have one handy. This comes with the collaboration and guidance of LUCIANBLOMKAMP (6LACK, Mallrat) and Michael Dole (Flume, The Avalanches) where the combination of woozy synths and smooth percussion comfort Stevan’s alluring vocals.

Stevan voices the fragility that lies within relationships and the clarity and independence you find in your own company. In the chorus Stevan sings, “I hardly see you / And that’s good cause I don’t really need you”, referring to the empowerment that follows after separating from a partner you have leaned on for so long. Stevan recognises the difficulties that come from this: “But damn it’s hard to heal”. When you depend on someone for some time it can come at a cost, leaving you vulnerable and wounded.

The depth behind these lyrics and production will leave you stunned when you learn that this is the work of an 18-year-old. Only 4 months following his breakthrough mixtape we are hearing a mature and more polished act that is asserting himself on the Australian R&B scene.

‘SIA’ by Stevan is available to stream everywhere now.

Ontogeny is out November 20.


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