Still Here // Kllo // Single Review

Adored Melbourne duo Kllo provide warmth to many at home with their latest release ‘Still Here’.

Cousins Chloe Kaul and Simon Lam have released their lead single ‘Still Here’ from their upcoming album Maybe We Could. ‘Still Here’ captures the appeal Kllo draw as they synchronise their rhythms with emotions. The track describes the emotional wreckage that comes with a suffocating relationship. Kaul’s chilling vocals explains the despair she knows she is bringing upon herself as she can’t seem to break away from the relationship.

It’s not good timing

Let’s keep on learning

Never entirely sure

But keep returning

A music video accompanies the track done by creative director Matt Sav. Sav has worked in collaboration with Tame Impala and POND having also done projects with Jack River and San Cisco. In the clip Lam and Kaul gaze each other in a trancelike state as if oblivious to their own surroundings. As the video continues, Sav portrays the tipping point perfectly as Kaul suffocates Lam in plastic and submerges herself deep underwater.

Upon release, the two posted a comforting message on their socials.

"This was such a hard song to put together for so many reasons. It went through many versions and was sent to the trash many times. But we pursued it, put everything into it and tried our hardest to make something special for you. We hope it’s a warm companion in your home."

Kllo’s sophomore album Maybe We Could is set for release on July 17th.

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