STUMPS // Mt. Pleasant // Single Review

The hill on the street that STUMPS’ bassist Merrick Powell grew up on is a difficult climb, and funnily enough, so is the journey to self-love, as discovered in the latest track from STUMPS.

Named after a street in Sydney’s northern suburbs, Mt. Pleasant depicts the darkness of self-loathing. Serving as their second single of 2020, with Mouth Static demonstrating the failure to save a relationship with romantic gestures, the newest single from STUMPS questions one’s identity without a partner.

Trying to escape this darkness, the track begins with lead vocalist Kyle Fisher’s voice hesitantly poking through. Paired with a soft guitar, the introduction resembles something of Holy Holy’s hopeful Sentimental and Monday as STUMPS try to find their way out of this stage of loathing.

Fisher’s vulnerability first strikes in the opening verse, “We’re all cannibals / Under camera lights / So we’ll eat them all / All our friends tonight”, suggesting that our sense of self is altered ‘under camera lights’, making us act out of character.

Holding that guilt, the pace picks up as he asks, “Where am I? / If not with you?”. The sometimes unattainable self-love can result in a lot of questioning and as these questions are repeated in a generous build up, it’s sensed that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

By the end of the track, Fisher’s voice is no longer just poking through, but making itself well and truly known. The self-love that was once thought as unattainable is now in reach as STUMPS near the home stretch, with belting vocals, increasingly intense drums, and bright, high energy guitars.

With the ability to sit perfectly between Gang of Youths and Maddy Jane, the single leaves STUMPS at the top of Mt. Pleasant and their track record to date.

‘Mt. Pleasant’ is available to stream now.

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