T-Rax // January 2020

One month into the new decade and boy it's been great! Those New Year's festival hangovers have finally worn off and we're pushing our speakers to the limit in those remaining long Summer days. Peruse through our list of songs and accompanying playlist of what the last month for some of our writers.


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Aaron Levey's T-Rax

#1 - Thrills // Spacey Jane 

Sounds similar: Sly Withers, Hockey Dad 

I have nothing but praise for this band and their ability to craft first season belters. Fremantle four-piece Spacey Jane are a band that I would adore to see live, as I continue to delve and grow a deeper bond with their music. I love surf-rock as a genre and this outfit are the growing epitome of what to expect from this category. Although Thrills is an older number, it’s a clean mixture between garage-punk and indie rock. Look out for Spacey, these guys are headed places for 2020.

Other gems by this artist: Good grief, Good for You 

#2 - No Place // RÜFÜS DU SOL

Sounds similar: Hayden James, Running Touch 

I don’t even know where to begin. The electronic three-piece have now immortalised themselves in success. I am convinced that RÜFÜS DU SOL’s New Years performance at Beyond The Valley as being possibly one of the greatest live performances I have ever seen. The track No Place was the anthem that took me into the new year, along with it now comes feelings of pure joy and immense awe. No Place and its lyrics are an epic summing soundtrack for my festival experience. Their discography will never cease to amaze me. 

Other gems by this artist: Innerbloom, Lost In My Mind

#3 - Smile // Winston Surfshirt 

Sounds similar: Slum Sociable

I refuse to assign Winston Surfshirt to a specific genre of music, simply because the bands music is simply one of a kind. The multi-instrumental outfit make some of the most infectiously catchy music I have ever listened to. The end of 2019 saw the collective release their sophomore album, Apple Crumble; accurately dubbed, its god damn delicious. Smile is definitely a feel-good piece of music that just makes you want let out some moves you’ve never let out before. If you haven’t heard of Winston Surfshirt it’s about time you did. Groovy stuff. 

Other gems: For the Record, Ali D 

#4 - Age Of Consent // New Order

Sounds similar: Joy Division, Bauhaus

Released in 1983, Age Of Consent is the opening track to this indie prog-rock band’s second album Power, Corruption and Lies. I absolutely love finding older artists that I enjoy as it seems as though there is added antiquity  to their music. I have been a fan of New Order for a while though Age Of Consent is a track you will regularly find me rotating as of recent times. It’s a perfect blend of catchy drums and heartwarming guitar chords, a perfect backdrop to start your day. New Order’s whole collection of music is outstanding. 

Other gems: True Faith, Bizarre Love Triangle 

#5 - Lost In Yesterday // Tame Impala

Sounds similar: Pond, Unknown Mortal Orchestra 

Kevin Parker. Beloved Australian psychedelic rocker. Tame Impala has had an impressive year of music this year releasing multiple singles such as Patience, Borderline etc. I can safely say the wait has been worth it since his 2015 album Currents. Lost In Yesterday is Tame’s most recent single and from a personal opinion it is undoubtedly the grooviest one. The stunning vocals, catchy drums, funky chords. Lost In Yesterday is something worth considering adding to your playlist. 

Other gems: Let it Happen, Elephant

Max Reilly's T-Rax

#1 – Wide Open // The Chemical Brothers

Sounds similar to: Underworld

In what was a weird DJ set by Jon Hopkins at Let Them Eat Cake the UK producer came home strong. During the back half of his 2-hour set Hopkins began to find fluidity, winning back fans as he found the balance between his unique ambience and dance music that caters to a festival crowd. After moving festival goers with Four Tet’s remix of Opal, Hopkins moved onto this smooth recovery jam by The Chemical Brothers. A perfect healing song to round out any night.

Other gems by this artist: Got To Keep On, No Geography

#2 – Vanille Fraise // L’Imperatrice

Sounds similar to: Parcels

I had always seen these guys associated with Parcels and had been waiting for the right setting hear them. A beachside café in Perth blasted this on the speakers and it turned out to soundtrack my whole trip out west, I couldn’t get enough of it! I might have to start taking up French so I can work out what they’re grooving about!

Other gems by this artist: Sonate Pacifique, Sequences, Agitations tropicales

#3 – Tricks // Stella Donnelly

Sounds similar to: Julia Jacklin

Another artist that I couldn’t stop listening to whilst away was this lady. Stella Donnelly’s sweet-sounding voice flows so well driving down the Southwestern Australian coastline. One of Australia’s great storytellers, it felt almost as if we were being shown around by a local!

Other gems by this artist: Lunch, Old Man, Boys Will Be Boys

#4 – I’m New Here // Gill Scott-Heron, Jamie xx

Sounds similar to: Caribou

With the success of In Colour you can forget just how cool this album is. The way Jamie xx has flipped an album of sadness into a work of brightness and energy is something to behold. Great albums always start with a hit as it lays the foundation for what’s to come, this shimmering opener is no exception.

Other gems by this artist: Loud Places, The Rest Is Noise, My Cloud

#5 – People Everywhere (Still Alive) // Khruangbin

Went through the wringer to snag Tame Impala tickets, but we got them which is the most important thing. Finally get to see Kevin Parker do his thing in the flesh. Khruangbin as a support act is a dream come true, in full obsession mode with them at the moment.

Other gems by this artist: Texas Sun, Evan Finds the Third Room, White Gloves