T-Rax // June 2020

Halfway through a very interesting year! Moving forward with this series we thought we would add some artists in the mix to spice things up. This month we have Marcus Kech and Thomas Hoeft from Peak Park guest selecting after some interviews they did with us earlier in the month. The two have given a little insight into their daily lives and what they're listening to.

Hope you enjoy and are staying safe.

Big love,

T-Rex Musiq x

Marcus Kech

#1 // Parabol into Parabola // TOOL (I count as one song)

#2 // Romanticist // Yves Tumor

#3 // Time // Arca

#4 // Third Eye // TOOL

#5 // The Main Thing // Roxy Music

Pick of the month: Parabol into Parabola // TOOL

Just haven’t been able to let go of this song. I feel like I need to listen to it everyday. About celebrating life and believing that the pain we endure is an illusion. Be here in the moment.

Thomas Hoeft // Peak Park

#1 // Milk Breath // Orlando Weeks

#2 // Caught My Breath // Palace

#3 // They Could Be Wrong // Lianne La Havas

#4 // Dream Steppin’ // Two People

#5 // Empires Attraction // Matt Corby

Pick of the month: Orlando Weeks // Milk Breath

The Maccabees disbanded a few years back now and Orlando has just released his second album “A Quickening”. It’s a beautiful album about the anticipation of his newly born son and Milk Breath is as wholesome as music gets! I’ve always loved the softness of his voice and this one particularly is so well produced and clean.

Matt Annett

#1 // Longing // Gustavo Santaolla

#2 // Hocus Pocus // Focus

#3 // Debra // Beck

#4 // Take the Skinheads Bowling // Camper Van Beethoven

#5 // Don’t Touch My Bikini // The Halo Benders

Pick of the month: Longing // Gustavo Santaolla

For those not in the know, this is essentially the title track for The Last of Us Part II, a long-awaited PS4 game released a few weeks ago. The song’s slow, echoing guitar notes are spaced out by dignified pauses that create a feeling of loneliness and despair. This may not exactly sound like a good time, but it was written for some heart-rending scenes in that game, and in this sense, does its job amazingly well.

Max Reilly

#1 // Babies & Fools feat. Conway the Machine // Freddie Gibbs, The Alchemist

#2 // She’s There // Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

#3 // Booster Seat // Spacey Jane

#4 // Deeper Water // Deadstar

#5 // Thank You Les // Eli Escobar

Pick of the month: Deeper Water // Deadstar

Seeing Stella Donnelly and Rolling Blackouts C.F. come together in the centre of the MCG to cover ‘Deeper Water’ melted my heart. It’s impossible to not have a smile on your face as Stella’s angelic vocals fill the hallowed turf and she jams out on the tambourine with the Rolling Blackouts boys. Mushroom Group deserve a huge pat on the back for organising this wholesome moment.