T-Rax // November 2019

A little delayed, but November is well and truly ticked off. What a month it was for music with some quality releases. For the city of Melbourne, the talent that flooded in from across the globe was to die for making it a month to remember. A bit of a short but sweet edition for November with only 5 songs that one writer has been slamming. Hopefully they provide some help in kickstarting the crazy summer ahead.

Catch you soon,

T-Rex Musiq x

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Max Reilly’s T-Rax

Be Above It – Tame Impala

My best mate bought me Lonerism on vinyl as a birthday present and I’ve been spinning it non-stop ever since. Be Above It is the perfect opener to a record. The whisper of the title evolving into the rhythm of the track followed by the crashing drumbeat gets me every time. It feels as though I’ve been swept up by a tidal wave and have to somehow gather my thoughts after.

Everybody Wants To Rule The World – Tears for Fears

Picture this, you’re at Strawberry Fields, the beach stage is packed and you’re dancing with your mates barefoot in your togs by the water as you let the 30-degree sun dry you after being in the Murray. Everyone around you is having the time of their lives, you thought this kind of freedom and fun could only ever happened in the movies. What could make this day better? An extended intro to Everybody Wants To Rule the World plays, everyone as far as the eye can see gravitates to the dancefloor to relish in this euphoric moment. It’s so difficult to condense this into just a short paragraph, but this was one of the moments that typified the perfect weekend. The lyric ‘nothing ever lasts forever’ speaks on so many levels here, you just don’t come across moments like that often in your life.

Dominos – Northeast Party House

The momentum Northeast Party House have created is crazy. This belting new single grabs all the energy the Melbourne 6-piece deliver with a little extra bounce from Kim Moyes (The Presets) who co-produced the track. It was weird not seeing them on a New Year’s lineup when the first wave of acts was released. With a late addition to Victoria’s Falls Festival expect their large loyal fan base to roll into Lorne for another stirring live set.

Do it Again – Shinichiro Yokota – Soichi Terada

I was lucky enough to see Soichi Terada close Melbourne Music Week the other week. A true performer that will go down as one of the great house musicians. As Kubik lit up with fireworks Terada pumped this track out to the loudest of cheers. Such a charmer with his Hawaiian shirt and wide grin.

Evan Finds the Third Room – Khruangbin

Countless times after finishing a quality Tame Impala queue Spotify would persist on putting this song next. Generally, I’d flick it away going further down the Kevin Parker rabbit hole or put it onto something else. Finally, after repeated efforts I gave it a go. Wow. What a song. This heavily instrumental track with its shimmying guitar and disco bassline provides a raw level of psychedelic funk that will get anyone’s toes tapping.