T-Rax // November 2020

Summer is here! Check out our latest edition of T-Rax to get BBQs firing. This month we have Sweat Dreams DJs providing us with a bit of intel as to what they've been listening to alongside some of the T-Rex Musiq team.

Happy listening!

Big love,

T-Rex Musiq x

Sweat Dreams DJs

#1 // Automatic (Psychemagik Dub) // Mildlife #2 // Rizla // Belljack #3 // Metal Detector // Sedgewick #4 // Hear No Evil // Jon The Baptist #5 // Sirius Mystery // Fantastic Man, Adam Halliwell, Edd Fisher

Pick of the month: Sirius Mystery // Fantastic Man, Adam Halliwell, Edd Fisher

We’re really loving Sirius Mystery at the moment. The flutes, and the acid bass line bubbling and chirping has us thinking of a time when we can all be on a dance floor again, mingling with friends and strangers, all smiles. After such a tough winder/year it’s nice to be hearing something so nice and bright and summery.

Grace Cleary

#1 // In My Head // Zachary Leo

#2 // Circles // Megan Thee Stallion

#3 // Hold the Line // Toto

#4 // Bag Lady // Erykah Badu, Roy Ayres

#5 // Mars // Real Good Company

Pick of the month: Gimme Shelter // The Rolling Stones

I watched a documentary called 20 Feet From Stardom that rocked my little socks off. It follows a few different backing vocalists who had worked with some of the greats, and recounts each of their journeys through the decades. It teaches us that the music industry would quite genuinely fall to pieces without black, female vocalists. The woman singing on Gimme Shelter is Merry Clayton. Her name deserves as much recognition as The Stones!!!

Savannah Selimi

#1 // Time Will Tell // Blood Orange

#2 // I Wanna Be Your Lover // Prince

#3 // Got Caught in Amsterdam // Arc De Soleil

#4 // New Light // John Mayer

#5 // I Missed Out // Hockey Dad

Pick of the Month: Time Will Tell // Blood Orange

I recently watched Luca Guadagnino’s ‘We Are Who We Are’ and this song played in intervals, becoming etched into my mind and probably into my Spotify Wrapped. A memory from November is my friend and I dancing through the Botanical Gardens with headphones on full blast playing this tune. I just love how Blood Orange’s mellow sound makes me feel: no worries in the world.

Matt Annett

#1 // Come Meh Way // Sudan Archives #2 // Don’t Huzzle for Love // The Apostles #3 // Yamamoto Kakapote // Yamasuki Singers #4 // Tangerine // Teleman #5 // Cardigan Song // Kikagaku Moyo

Pick of the month: Come Meh Way // Sudan Archives

Initially coming to me by way of a dreamy dance scene in the recent Australian film, Babyteeth, Sudan Archives absolutely nails the combination of a classical instrument (violin, in this case) and bass-ey drumbeat, capped off by her angelic, echoing lyrics.

Max Reilly

#1 // Trust Is Key // Chaos In The CBD

#2 // Devoted To U // Folamour

#3 // Wind Parade // Donald Byrd

#4 // Halfi Deo // Tabu Ley Rochereau

#5 // What’s Real? // JK Group

Pick of the month: What’s Real? // JK Group

One for the jazz enthusiasts, ‘What’s Real?’ holds your attention for its entirety. There is a modern touch as electronic sounds fuse with instrumentations. It is amazing to see what Josh Kelly is achieving through such adversity.