T-Rax // October 2019

October is nearly all over, so why not check out what we have been listening to non-stop for the past 30 days? Whether you are in the need of a brand new song to soundtrack your life, or simply intrigued to see what we have been slamming give us T-Rax for October article and accompanying playlist a perusal. We hope these 15 songs from our three writers will help quench the new music thirst you've been craving.

Catch you soon, T-Rex Musiq x

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Aaron Di Placido's T-Rax

1. Lark // Angel Olsen

Sounds similar: Lana Del Rey, Lorde, Sharon Van Etten

Olsen’s latest album is an impeccable blend of folk-rock mixed with deep droning synths and strings, the opener Lark is a great introduction to what the LP encompasses. I’ve had this classy single on repeat since it was released, and for good reason. The slow humming drums followed by eerie and melodic synths instill an intriguing atmosphere for Olsen’s voice to power on throughout. When the tempo picks up midway through, that’s where Olsen truly shines as she ebbs and flows across inch-perfect instrumentation. One of my favourite tracks of the year, and encourage readers to give it multiple listens to fully lose yourself in it's more intricate moments.

Other gems: Shut Up Kiss Me, All Mirrors, Sister

2. Good Grief // Spacey Jane

Sounds Similar: Hockey Dad, Verge Collection

Have you ever heard a song for the first time and immediately known that it's an instant classic? That’s what it felt like while I was listening to the radio one sunny afternoon and Good Grief came on. For me, it encapsulates everything you want in a summer jam; jangly guitar strings, snappy drum rhythms and lyrics that in one way or another evoke a feeling of nostalgia. It’s simplistic in structure and in no way changing the formula on the surf-rock genre, but the beauty lies in it’s relatability, care-free chorus and ability to keep you singing along on a hot Australian day.

Other gems: Feeding The Family, Good For You, Sawteeth

3. Famous Prophets (Stars) // Car Seat Headrest

Sounds Similar: The Growlers, Parquet Courts

Taken off my favourite album of last year, Twin Fantasy, which is actually a re-recording of Car Seat Headrest’s 2011 bandcamp album of the same name; Famous Prophets is a 16 minute epic that never once overstays its welcome. Almost three seperate songs within one track, Prophets utilises lead singer Will Toledo’s knack for relatable dialogue and his bands uncanny chemistry to string together 16 minutes of pure indie-rock and emotion. What’s beautiful about this song is the incorporation of melodies and lines from past songs in Twin Fantasy within the tracks peak to round out an incredible listening experience. I encourage listeners to delve into the album and allow the themes to build up to this climax, as the pay-off is more than worth the wait.

Other Gems: Bodys, Destroyed By Hippie Powers, Oh Darling!

4. Empty Shop // Sophie Forrest

Sounds Similar: Andras Fox, Todd Terje

This stunning disco-house jam has been on heavy repeat as of late. Sydney Dj/producer Sophie Forrest has crafted a smooth and tantalising track that hits all the right notes for a late night house boogie. Crunchy hi-hats and moot bass loop as the keys provide some real rhythm and soul amongst sporadic electric guitar slicks. Empty Shop has some real heart in it’s approach to not being overly bassy or loud, instead Forrest opts for a much more low-key approach to get the feet moving. Empty Shop is light on the layers, which gives each piece of instrumentation time to grow and drive the track. Clean in production, and easy to dance to, Empty Shop is a real special number.

Other gems: Cinnamon

5. Push It Along // A Tribe Called Quest

Sounds Similar: Outkast, Wu-Tang Clan

Not much more can really be said about A Tribe Called Quest that hasn’t already been said. This classic from 1990 is timeless, and still continually feels fresh and inviting even after way too many listens. There’s an incredible sense of warmth that remains throughout this song, from the iconic opening bars of Q-Tip and Phife Dawg, into the joint chorus “push it along, push it along, yeah push it along”; Push It Along is an uplifting introduction into the world of A Tribe Called Quet, and remains as one of their best efforts to this day.

Other gems: Can I Kick It?, Buggin Out, Space Program

Max Reilly's T-Rax

1. The Finishing // Stavroz

The last couple of months have been heavily soundtracked by this song. Was recommended this one and just been dying to pass it off to the next person at any opportunity. I love a song you can live in. So many moods flow through this unique and intimate electronic music creating a real wholesome touch. It’s going to be a few memorable sets by the Belgians on their live debut trip down to Australia at the end of next month.

2. Shadows // Session Victim

Another I’m very keen to see next month. This German duo will seamlessly slot straight into the Strawberry vibe with their soul, funk and disco sound. The two have a deep record collection and can uncover some amazing tunes. The vocal samples mixed with the uplifting disco orchestra are a joy to listen to (the jazzy sax is just another little treat). With City Loop devastatingly being cancelled keep your eyes peeled on the gig radar for these two as they one of the many exciting acts coming in this summer.

3. Home // Caribou

What a welcome return this was. Sharing his first track in five years Dan Snaith has proven yet again he is one of the smartest producers out there. Home continues right where we left off with Snaith’s six album Our Love. It’s clear how much Snaith loves listening to music, sampling a rare soul track in Home by Gloria Barnes. Such a soothing track you can get lost in. You can only imagine this is the start of another big project Caribou. Can’t wait.

4. Kin // Tourist

Without a doubt my favourite album of 2019 and this could very well be my favourite song out of this year too. I can’t remember emotionally connecting with a song so quickly. The story being told within this track is crafted perfectly through its insane build ups and dramatic twists. The vocal samples and soft and ambient electronica that oozes out of the entirety of this song and album was something I thought I could only ever find so few artists. Usually these types of albums are the ones you uncover much later after its release, so grateful to have come across this early.

5. High Times – Marcus Marr

Rounding out with another strong recommendation. I always get the butterflies when someone reveals a cracking tune to me for the first time. Never really looked past the EP Marcus Marr did with Nick Murphy/Chet Faker. Really glad I have now, the man’s a jet. With its shimmering guitars and bass licks the funk lord produces a jam that you can play in multiple settings to either relax and unwind to or loosen up for a big evening. At the end it feels like your heart’s soaring.

Aaron Levey's T-Rax

1. Get Found // Bass Drum of Death

Sounds similar: FIDLAR, Black lips, together PANGEA

Being an avid fan of garage-punk-rock I am naturally drawn to the collective of Bass Drum of Death and the entirety of the discography. Mississippi-born members, John and Colin embody pre-historic punk roots while shedding this nostalgia under new light. The track ‘Get Found’ sparks an erratic desire to jump around carelessly, and has made me ponder on the stage presence the song would present in front of a crowd. I simply can not go past a band like Bass Drum who create music that explodes with life and vivacity.

Other gems by Bass Drum of Death: Nerve Jamming, Just Business

2. Free The Frail // JPEGMAFIA feat. Helena Deland

Sounds similar: Slowthai, Death Grips, BROCKHAMPTON

Is this the boys from BROCK? I can’t tell. Mellow piano chords and synths accompany this laid back Peggy track, as the lyrics focus on the struggles of change and depression. This track is one of the more underrated and less appreciated pieces in Peggy’s latest release “All My Heroes Are Cornballs” however it ended up being one of the ones I felt a personal connection to. The vocals and beginning of the track are saturated with textures similar to a Kevin Abstract atmosphere. All lyrics and production in this album seem as though Peggy is exploring and broadening his territory which is exciting to see.

Other gems by JPEGMAFIA: 1539 N. Calvert, Beta Male Strategies

3. Maybe You Know // Holy Holy

Sounds similar: Gang Of Youths, Methyl Ethel, Boo Seeka

The album opener of Holy Holy’s new release really sets the tone for the rest of My Own Pool of Light, a fantastic third addition to their collection of EP’s. Powerful lyricism combined with a artistic melody created a perfect track from my own point of you. The chorus follows with “Maybe you know, but you’re loved by everyone. Or maybe you don’t and you feel like you’re alone,” a profound sentenced that really gives meaning behind what the overall track is about. Sung with such emotion, it’s clear that there is some personal connection between the lyrics and the front man, Tim Carroll. I see this track as well as the rest of the album as one of the most raw releases we have seen from Holy Holy. Stellar work.

Other gems by Holy Holy: Faces, True Lovers

4. Children // Twin Crystals

Sounds similar: PUP, The Ramones, Clowns

I have a growing hobby of finding and browsing through record shops across the CBD and outer suburbs of Melbourne, this particular growing interest lead me to stumble across progressive-punk rockers Twin Crystals. I decided to listen to the EP record on the player in-store and I instantly fell in love with the band. Imposing deep synths with a mixture of messy drums, the messiness of it all is what makes this track stand out. Being track number one on the EP, it drew me in and set a bar so high for the collective. Despite the mystery behind them and their unfortunate disbandment, the Vancouver three-piece sure did craft some slapping music.

Other gems by Twin Crystals: Punk Heart, Spell On You

5. Robbery // Lime Cordiale

Sounds similar: Sticky Fingers, DMA’S, Cub Sport

Lime Cordiale’s increasing success has been nothing short of impressive. With talks of label signing with rap/pop megastar Post Malone, as well as national tours, Lime have certainly made huge strives as of lately. With their latest tour came their latest single, Robbery. The track is clearly a nod to their older material, while also embracing some new sounds yet to be heard on a Lime track. The track gives of a late 60s early 70s style of music from a personal point of view. With catchy hooks and a contagious chorus, the whole song is a jam from start to finish.