T-Rax // September 2020

To accompany the recent easing of restrictions our lovely team of selectors have curated their favourite songs they’ve had on repeat over the past month. Make sure to check out Komang and Ashley Turi as they join our writers as guest selectors after their recent releases. There is a bit of something for everyone in here, so pop this on your picnic playlists!

Big love,

T-Rex Musiq x


#1 // ‘Love is stronger than pride’ // Sade

#2 // ‘damn Right’ // Audrey Nuna

#3 // ‘Tuesday’ // POOKIE, Baasto

#4 // ‘Borderline’ // Brandy

#5 // ‘A Long Walk’ // Jill Scott

Pick of the month: ‘A Long Walk’ // Jill Scott

I’ve been finding so much joy in revisiting Jill Scott. Her poetry is so delightful and powerful. I love the worlds she paints of long, sensual walks with intelligent and politically activated lovers around city parks, of stargazing together, ducking out to buy croissants and strawberries as gifts. She is the queen of neo-soul romance and I am living through her in lockdown!

Ashley Turi

#1 // ‘Ceilings’ // Eleni Drake

#2 // ‘Why’ // Dominic Fike

#3 // ‘Kyoto’ // Phoebe Bridgers

#4 // ‘Chewing Cotton Wool’ // The Japanese House

#5 // ‘Bags’ // Clairo

Pick of the month: ‘Ceilings’ // Eleni Drake

I’m drawn to songs with intriguing melodies, but I fall in love with songs that have genuine lyrics behind the pretty tune. ‘Ceilings’ combines both of these aspects perfectly, starting with a jazzy melodic line in the verse and finally pulling the listener in by the chorus with tender lyrics backed by a powerful voice. This song feels effortless and potent all at once, and it's exactly why I’ve been playing it on repeat this month.

Sarah Davenport

#1 // ‘Here's The Thing’ // EGOISM

#2 // ‘Lemon Joe’ // Greatest Hits

#3 // ‘BS’ // Still Woozy

#4 // ‘Heart of Glass’ // Miley Cyrus

#5 // ‘Don't Leave Me Hanging Out To Dry’ // Georgia June

Pick of the month: ‘Heart of Glass’ // Miley Cyrus

Little bit about 'Heart of Glass', hear me out. Whilst 2020 is far from being saved, this cover by Miley is the next best thing. It takes me back to singing 'Heart of Glass' on a karaoke machine with my primary school friends and is a perfect serotonin boost. It’s just landed on streaming services and soundtracks my Friday afternoons.

Savannah Selimi

#1 // ‘Haze’ // Angelo De Augustine

#2 // ‘Supercut’ // Lorde

#3 // ‘In Your Arms’ // Sunbeam Sound Machine

#4 // ‘It Feels the Same Every Day’ // Yellow House

#5 // ‘Deep End’ // Jaden

Pick of the month: ‘Haze’ // Angelo De Augustine

I discovered Angelo De Augustine on Spotify in late August after swallowing the last of winter with old Sufjan Stevens songs. I fell in love with his voice and melodies immediately. ‘Haze’ is so lyrically and rhythmically simple, though the murky, mellow vocals and faint guitar. This tune became my study song, post-meditation song and background song. It’s comforting to know it’ll remind me of September 2020, adding a bit of romanticisation to a pretty mundane month.

Max Reilly

#1 // ‘Eternal / Internal Peace’ // Silentjay

#2 // ‘The Spirit’ // Laurence Guy

#3 // ‘Whole Lotta Shine’ // Tiana Khasi (Sampology Remix)

#4 // ‘Memory Palace’ // Mildlife

#5 // ‘Vive nous’ // Bon Entendeur

Pick of the month:Memory Palace’ // Mildlife

September had an insane amount of releases, but the choccies for me had to go to Mildlife with their sophomore album Automatic. The Melbourne 4-piece exceeded large expectations placed on them following Phase as they sunk further into an atmospheric groove that mixes the best parts of jazz, psychedelic and synth disco. I always keep returning to ‘Memory Palace’. The sole focus on instrumentation and the organic layering epitomised the journey Mildlife intend to take listeners on in their music. There’s an uplifting touch behind ‘Memory Palace’, perfect as Melbourne eases out of restrictions.

Thomas Webster

#1 – ‘Pretty Grim’ // Ruby Fields

#2 – ‘Perhaps I’ll Drift Away’ // Jack Davies and the Bush Chooks

#3 – ‘Cellphone’ // Old Mervs

#4 – ‘Appointment’ // DMA’S

#5 – ‘All My Friends’ // Great Gable

Pick of the month: ‘Cellphone’ // Old Mervs

‘Cellphone’ is the South WA’s duo’s latest release. Drawing inspiration from artists such as The Grogans, Verge Collection and Noah Dillon, this garage surf-rock number is backed by a strong drum beat and some classic guitar riffs. Not much is known about the boys, however, between a few pub gigs in their region (far out I’m jealous), they have been rumoured to have hit the studio so keep an eye out for some more music in the future.