T-Rax // April 2019

April is coming to an end, and with that comes another round of our "T-Rax" playlist. Whether you are feeling a bit lost on what you should listen to or simply want to slam our music tastes, our writers will give you an insight into what they are tuning into with 5 tunes they are smashing on repeat. Below we’ve provided both Apple Music and Spotify playlists of the 15 tracks. So sit back, relax, and coolly wrap your ears around the soft leather of your headphones and enjoy our T-Rax of April.

Apple Music Playlist: https://itunes.apple.com/au/playlist/t-rax-for-april/pl.u-aZb00N4TVxZ24l

Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/216gjugx73jd6xuxeggbqq7zy/playlist/6hIB8KgP3pz59shkOV0voL?si=Ee2IzpXCRMqLJZ955Ir6Ag

Aaron Di Placido's T-Rax

1. 'Ghost' // RAT!Hammock

Sounds similar: Tiny Little Houses, Weezer, Smashing Pumpkins

A friend recently got me on to RAT!Hammock and honestly I wish I knew about them sooner. Winning Triple J Unnearthed’s 2019 Laneway competition, these lads are just hitting their strides. The Melbourne-based band released this track just over a month ago, and it is an intoxicating blend of 90s garage rock and grunge. From the opening chords you’re immediately reeled in to an angsty tale of feeling alone, worried and afraid. “Wanna scrub myself to dust”; it’s as charming as it is depressing, but you’ll lap up every bit of it thanks to it’s clever lyricism and simplistic chord progression.

Other gems by RAT!Hammock: June, Power, Love You Till I die

2. 'Forever Summer' // Tiger & Woods

Sounds similar: Touch Sensitive, Marcus Marr, Toro Y Moi

The opening track to Tiger & Woods’ third album AOD, this hooked me almost instantly with it’s ultra-smooth production that oozes 80s new wave/disco. No lyrics here at all, you just have to let the deep bass slap along amongst cracking snares and intergalactic synths. All this culminates to a beat change up at the 2:40 mark that is utterly stunning. It’s easy to see that Tiger & Woods do take a lot from the contemporaries before them, but it still has a way to feel fresh and new.

Other gems by Tiger & Woods: No More Talking, Gin Nation, Kissmetellme

3. 'Marquee Moon' // Television

Sounds similar: Joy Division, New Order, Interpol

Have always had a soft spot for this incredible 10-minute epic, only recently has it made it’s way back into my rotation. Spawning from the crazy post-punk boom of the late 70s, Television were loved by many and with songs like Marquee Moon it’s no wonder they still are to this day. Marquee Moon is timeless and that’s in part to Tom Verlaine’s catchy guitar hooks littered within each major section of the song. Opening with sparse drums and guitars, all the pieces come together for a breathtaking instrumental only to round out back where it started. Genius.

Other gems by Television: Elevation, Days, See No Evil

4. 'Spring Rain' // The Go-Betweens

Sounds similar: The Smiths, The Sunnyboys, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

Another oldie, this Australian classic never ceases to disappoint, much like The Go-Betweens entire catalogue. “Falling down like sheets, coming down like love, falling at my feet, spring rain”, Spring Rains beauty comes from it’s poetic delivery, with the Brisbane sweethearts at their musical peak having all their instruments unite gorgeously. The jangle of a 6 string, the chimes of pianos alongside Robert Forsters effortless vocals, there’s a real warm atmosphere amongst the sounds on display. It’s The Go-Betweens at their finest.

Other gems by The Go-Betweens: Cattle and Cane, Streets of Your Town, Bye Bye Pride

5. 'Come Rain or Come Shine' // John Coltrane

Sounds similar: Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Don Cherry

Safe to say I didn’t delve into the entire Coltrane 58’ Prestige Collection when it came out the other week, at a whopping 5 and a half hours it is very long. The opening tracks were incredible and have been mastered so well it’s crazy to think these songs are over 60 years old now. Even though it is featured on a 1957 album, Come Rain or Come Shine is a visceral display of the saxophonist in his element. The instrumentation throughout is something to behold as piano, drums and bass all meld together in a seamless fashion.

Other gems by John Coltrane: Blue Train, Giant Steps, Dedicated to You

Max Reilly's T-Rax

1. ‘Project Redo’ (Channel Tres Remix) // Sponge Cake Rebaked // Winston Surfshirt

Sounds similar to: Bodhi, Poolside

I love both of these artists so much. The tight hooks and good grooves of Winston Surfshirt meets the deep house vibes of Channel Tres. You can tell both have such a high level of respect for each other. It gets me real giddy thinking they will cross paths at Splendour this year.

Other gems by Channel Tres: ‘Controller’, ‘Topdown’, ‘Brilliant N***a’

Other gems by Winston Surfshirt: ‘Same Same’, ‘On a Lock’, ‘Be About You’

2. ‘Overnight’ // Parcels

Sounds similar to: A cross between Daft Punk and The Beach Boys

Another New South Wales product, from Byron Bay this time. How crazy is it to think that this young Berlin-based band collaborated with Daft Punk!?

After simply playing a gig in Paris, the Berlin-based band Parcels were introduced to the anonymous French duo in the crowd. The track speaks for itself. Another smoothly crafted hit by the gods of dance music. The slick grooves of this disco infused funk single put this Byron five-piece on the map and laid the foundation for future Parcels hits.

Other gems by Parcels: ‘Tieduprightnow’, ‘Lightenup’, ‘Tape’

3. ‘This Life’ // Father of the Bride // Vampire Weekend

Sounds similar to: Parcels

The build-up to Vampire Weekend’s fourth album Father of the Bride has been immense. Every track release though always seems to exceed expectations. This Life is vintage Vampire Weekend with its simplistic upbeat and bright sound transporting listeners to those perfect Summer days. It does have some pretty dark lyrics of an uneasy relationship, but front man Ezra Koenig’s unique voice has an uncanny ability to get you up and about for it.

Other gems by Vampire Weekend: ‘A-Punk’, ‘Oxford Comma’, ‘Giving up the Gun’

4. ‘Casio’ // For Ever // Jungle

Sounds similar: Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Chic

Super excited to see these guys on Sunday. You can tell they had a lot of fun making this. It has that retro soul melody infused with Jungle’s crisp modern touch. Another aesthetically pleasing music video by the UK band to watch with the choregraphed dance moves.


Other gems by Jungle: ‘Busy Earnin’, ‘Beat 54 (All Good Now)’, ‘Heavy, California’

5. ‘Emerald Rush’ // Singularity // Jon Hopkins

Sounds similar to: Four Tet, Kiasmos

There’s so much to talk about with Jon Hopkins there needs to be a feature on him. This song without a doubt has the most unique drop you’ll ever hear. A rush of euphoria overcomes you as Hopkins crafts here both a menacing and blissful dancefloor track. Listeners feel an array of emotions from the feeling of longing as the beat lines up and splits up over and over again, then as the loop gains momentum into a soaring freefall, the feeling of release is given by the beat wizard.

Other gems by Jon Hopkins: ‘Immunity’, ‘Luminous Beings’, ‘Neon Pattern Drum’

Aaron Levey's T-Rax for April

1.Martyr // Palace

Sounds similar to: Yellow Days, WU LYF, Ocean Alley

Delicious and delightful, Palace have a special place in my heart. I first discovered the London three-piece in 2016 after their release of the debut album So Long Forever. Since then, I would say it’s almost impossible for these boys to produce a bad piece of music. The single from their upcoming sophomore album Life After, Martyr is a rich and creamy collection of drums and chords which compile into an atmosphere of relaxation. Personally, the song hits a new note every listen. An excellent track worthy of praise. 

Other gems by this artist: Veins, So Long Forever, Have Faith

2. Temperer // Thornhill

Sounds similar to: Architects, Polaris, Bring Me The Horizon

Exposure to the metal scene has been fairly fresh for me, however, Thornhill’s single Temperer stood out to me. Having been released a couple of years ago now, the track is still a sublime example of progressive metalcore, a rising genre in the metal spotlight in recent times. Melbourne based quintet, Thornhill  definitely tick all the boxes off my checklist. Temperer delivers all the way through using climactic build ups and clean vocalisation. Intricacy in guitar rifts accompanied with profound lyrics, this track is a perfect segway into the world of heavy metal. 

Other gems by this artist: Coven, Reptile, Parasite

3. Gone // Day Wave

Sounds similar to: The Drums, DIIV

A song that screams twilight “beachscape,” Day Wave (Jackson Phillips) grieves a lost significant individual in his single Gone. Despite the sorrowful lyrics, the glistening guitar line along with upbeat synths, it still holds an optimistic flair in regards to the melody. Day Wave is an artist who has provided music that teems with potential, it would be great to see how he progresses in the future

Other gems by this artist: Drag, Still Let You Down, Stuck

4. Second Hand Car // Kim Churchill

Sounds similar to: Ziggy Alberts, Jack River, Xavier Rudd 

Possibly one of my favourite artists at the moment, Indie-Folk songwriter Kim Churchill. Some describe him as a discount Ziggy, but from where I stand, his versatility is unmatched. Kim pushes his categorised genre, making him unique. His songwriting surpasses story-telling of days in the sun and other bohemian conventions. Second Hand Car is an interesting mix of warmth, containing multiple instrumental layers, such as synths, countless sets of percussion as well as a harmonica backdrop. The track is a melodic and catchy piece of music, a perfect singalong for any occasion.

Other gems by this artist: Window to the sky, Whole Entire

5. My Friend // Cosmo Thundercat

Sounds similar to: Gang Of Youths, Ball Park Music, British India 

Adelaide based three-piece rock outfit, Cosmo Thundercat procure a raw track called My Friend. The track is nonetheless explosive, while also delivering an underlying message of anxiety and other mental health issues. The rhythm and overall performance is impressive, these boys deserve a higher level of recognition. Definitely a “window down” anthem. 

Other gems by this artist: Warning Bell, Take Me Out Again