T-Rax // October 2020

Looking for some new tracks? Then check out what our team of writers and guest selectors have put together in our latest edition of T-Rax. This month you’ll get to hear what’s been in Luke McPherson (aka Jon Jones) and Emma Volard’s rotation. Hope you enjoy.

Big love,

T-Rex Musiq x

Luke McPherson aka Jon Jones

#1 // The Peach Tree Next Door Grew over our Fence // Dylan Henner

#2 // Optical Illusions // William Orbit

#3 // Underworld // Jumbo

#4 // 3 Days Man! (3AM Mix) // Bellydance

#5 // The Dead Heart // Midnight Oil

Pick of the month: The Peach Tree Next Door Grew over our Fence // Dylan Henner

The whole record is amazing, but this track really triggered some emotions. I found myself in a melancholy state reflecting on the memories that feel like dreams now. Honestly, that whole record hits differently, hard to just pick one song from it.

Emma Volard

#1 // Sun for Someone // Oscar Jerome

#2 // So Rite // Fatima

#3 // Not Gonna Feel the Way You Asked For // First Beige

#4 // Water No Get Enemy // Kodama

#5 // Trajectory // FELIVAND

Pick of the month: Water No Get Enemy // Kodama

I tend to find myself drawn to songs that marry together quirky sound production, unorthodox lyricism and a level of spontaneity. ‘Water No Get Enemy’ is all of these elements and more, joining together a multilingual dialogue that shifts between frenzied drum beats, whimsical vocals and boom-bap grooves. This track has been one that I have gone back to throughout Melbourne’s hefty lockdown restrictions, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon as we ease out of our homes and back into ‘normal’ society.

Aaron Levey

#1 // Switchblade Smiles // Kasabian

#2 // Apollo // Tourist

#3 // Jealous // Eyedress

#4 // Days // The Drums

#5 // Sense // King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard

Pick of the month: Switchblade Smiles // Kasabian

My reunion with British rock outfit Kasabian was ignited by throwback FIFA

soundtrack favourites. Their music had always been in the back catalogue of my

playlists; however, I decided to delve deep into their somewhat overlooked

discography. Despite the legal dispute and infamous allegations of the band and its members, the Leicester-based group blended electronic textures with rock and roll when it wasn’t commonplace. Coming off their 2011 record ‘Velociraptor!’ is my pick of the month ‘Switchblade Smiles.’ Incorporating dance layers with rhythmic guitar riffs, the song has many different corners. Frontman Tom Haggard’s scream around the one-minute mark creates a bellowing transition from an 8-bit loop to an electric-rock anthem. As unfortunate as the group’s disbandment is, I can just imagine witnessing the power behind this track in a live setting.

Savannah Selimi

#1 // Lover, You Should’ve Come Over // Jeff Buckley

#2 // I Wanna Be Myself or Nothing at All // Nick Ward

#3 // Milk // The 1975

#4 // Solipsism // Fenne Lily

#5 // Booster Seat // Spacey Jane

Pick of the month: Lover, You Should’ve Come Over // Jeff Buckley

I’ve been down a Jeff Buckley rabbit hole for all of October. His music is so divine and unusual; the melodies both haunting and charming. ‘Lover, You Should’ve Come Over’ has been easily inaugurated into one of my favourite songs ever. This lyric: ‘it’s never over, she is the tear that hangs inside my soul forever’. Damn

Max Reilly

#1 // Rainbow Road // Dan Kye

#2 // Apricots // Bicep

#3 // Cosmic Girl // Jamiroquai – Dimitri from Paris Remix

#4 // It’ll All Be Over // Supreme Jubilees

#5 // Brass in Pocket // Pretenders

Pick of the month: It’ll All Be Over // Supreme Jubilees

This stripped back gospel song that would eventually be sampled twice over to turn into DJ Koze’s classic 2019 club anthem couldn’t be more fitting at the moment. As the cases draw closer to zero and we begin to reach some form of normal, we can finally see the sun setting on a brutal year.

“It’ll all be over / And we won’t have to cry no more.”