Teach Me About Dying // Holy Holy // Single Review

Ironically, rising band Holy Holy’s sweet new tune Teach Me About Dying is teaching us how to live. Duo Oscar Dawson and Timothy Carroll dropped this passionate anthem Friday morning as they commenced another huge tour across the nation today, this time with long-time favourite regional festival Groovin the Moo.

Already with two studio albums, including heavily rotated tracks True Lovers, That Message and Elevator, Holy Holy appear to show no signs of slowing down. Smash hit Faces from their upcoming third LP has seen the pair take bold new approaches, swapping Dawson’s guitar solos with synths and vocal loops. As some old fans may bicker, one cannot help but embrace the changes the band are making. With audience bases subsequently rising, Teach Me About Dying resumes on from Faces as listeners' ears are dragged in further.

The song simply makes you feel alive. As frontman Carroll describes in the meaning behind the new tune “death imbues life”. The new single explores life’s impermanence. It educates us and provides clarity that we must allow the mortality of our own lives positively affect the way we live it. Towards the climax of the song, returning background vocalists Ali Barter and Ainslie Wills are requesting someone to teach Carroll about dying so, as he responds, can learn how to live. Listeners here, after searching for what feels an eternity, are magically transported to their treasured individual moments where they feel most alive. Furthermore, they wish to succeed those memories with new ones.

For this reason the rejuvenated feeling of life Teach Me About Dying gives triumphs the epic Faces.

For those of you originally attending Groovin the Moo and not planning on seeing Holy Holy, stop that now. Reshape your itinerary to ensure you can dance to this lethal Aussie combo. The energy and atmosphere behind the new Holy Holy will soon have them climb up the festival billing.

Holy Holy’s new single Teach Me About Dying is out now available on all streaming services. To see them live you can catch them at the remaining Groovin the Moo festival dates.

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