The Jungle Giants // The Forum Theatre, Melbourne // Friday, September 6

Hottest 100 heroes and highly reputable performers. The Jungle Giants never cease to impress.

Following a large stretch of shows across the US, Europe and the UK, the Brisbane four-piece prodigy made their way back to Melbourne last Friday night. Performing a sold-out event worthy of praise, the band filled the fabulous Forum Theatre head-to-toe with electric liveliness and spirit. Following the release of their latest and greatest single Heavy Hearted the Indie-Rock band takes the nation by storm as well as the globe. From their almost seamlessly perfected record learn to exist to their newest single, Jungle Giants have evolved in sound while not straying away and retaining their position as homegrown music icons. Despite their lack of production in recent times, the collective met my every expectation and beyond, some of their anthems will never grow old.

As the band took to stage, the audience were greeted by the friendly bunch amongst the cheering and vibrance that was exchanged. Whether you were a die-hard day one fan or a casual listener, there was a track for everyone in the perfectly curated set-list. Of course, one gig is simply not enough to cover all of the band’s fabulous discography, however, it was a balanced track-queue, from past and present records.

After witnessing a live show you can tell Jungle Giants’ production is meant to be played live. When taking part in my own listening experience through my earphones or car speakers compared to hearing the same music in real-time gave the music a whole entire new depth and grandeur. Listening back has become more fulfilling as I can reminisce on the fantastic live performance.

Banger after absolute banger, there was barely anytime to breathe between tracks.

All band members radiated with energy as well as remaining personal and interactive with audience, which encapsulates everything great about a live gig. A personal favourite was bassist Andrew, who is quite possibly, the most erratic and entertaining bass guitarist I have ever witnessed on stage. Engagement while in the midst of entertaining was most impressive, it was made clear that a lot of hard work and dedication had gone into combining a well-rounded theatrical display.

A clear highlight was the track Feel The Way I Do, this track in particular had the whole crowd jumping in unison, not a single person stood still. The band powered through the set, what seemed to only last a heartbeat. Such fearless experimentation such as tracks like their touring single Heavy Hearted did not disappoint, solidifying the band as a group that defies all genres.

Their reputation is met by their ability to perform. Kudos Jungle Giants. Was Wild.

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