Thomas' Covid Ramblings

Photographer: Tim Lambert

This past few months have been the strangest I can recall, and it appears that sentiment is shared amongst the wider community. The only constant in life at the moment appears to be change, and with no set time frame for this bizarre experience to end, the confusion and struggle has only been growing.

The impact this time will have on the global society, both economically and socially, will be felt for years to come and no one knows the exact extent to these changes either but that’s not the focus of this article. A lot friends and family I’ve been speaking to have been pretty down about missing out on their various planned parties, concerts and gigs and I completely understand that. In the words of Joni Mitchell, ‘You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone’ but, on the bright side, there’s some things I’d like to highlight on a personal level in the hope that they can help illuminate a few potential positives you can take out of this terrible predicament we find ourselves in.

Two months ago, I had no idea what a zoom was, I’d never watched an Instagram live and I hadn’t played piano myself since high school. In the past few weeks I’ve spent my Saturday nights listening to virtual concerts from various artists I was planning to see live (I love you Spacey Jane and Gretta Ray), been introduced to new artists I never would have discovered (highly recommend checking out Fenne Lily and Majak Door) and have been tickling the ivories as I attempt to teach myself a few of my favourite songs. These are just a few little things that I’ve tried, and they may not be applicable to you but hopefully they could give you a few ideas. I’m definitely no Mozart myself but, as my mum’s been telling me, there’s no harm in challenging yourself to see if you can learn a new skill and if it doesn’t work out, so be it, at least you had a go.

I know being stuck at home has been less than ideal to put it lightly, however, there’s a pretty cool silver lining I’ve been pondering over the last few weeks since the DMA’S announced their new album release was being delayed. If Ali Barter & Oscar Dawson (Holy Holy) can write, record and mix an entire song in less than 24 hours (which absolutely slaps by the way), about being stuck with your significant other for a few days (it’s called 4 Days and is on Spotify), I cannot wait to see what songwriters such as Alex the Astronaut, Matt Corby and some of my other favourites can conjure up in their quarantine over the next 4 months!

Something else that has been pretty cool to see has been how everyone is trying to stay positive and always reaching out to each other from within the music industry. Just 3 months ago, the industry wrapped itself around those impacted by the Australian bushfires, performing fundraiser concerts, donating profits from merch and just generally being good people helping those in need in any way that they could. Thankfully, that generosity and kindness appears to have been returned with adoring fans around the world purchasing their favourite artist’s merchandise and rocking their tops with pride as they dance around the house doing everything except their Uni assignments (speaking from personal experience here). Triple J’s idea to bring forward their much loved Aus Music T-Shirt Day to April 17th is a great initiative, and if you haven’t already, I’m encouraging you to gather your friends onto their screens, dress up in your gear and rock out with your socks out for a bit of fun to celebrate the music we all love. I used to find a few goodies I found aesthetically pleasing and these guys appear to have your Aussie music tastes covered, no matter your persuasions.

I know it might not seem like it right now, but this will all end at some point and just imagine all the amazing new music that’s going to be out in the world as well as all the artists, both new and old, that you can celebrate and see perform their craft with your loved ones. In the meantime, though, I’m ordering you to turn up your speakers and blast your favourite songs, have a laugh and smile, call your friends and most importantly, dance like nobody is watching, because right now, no one actually is.

Love you all and hope this has made you smile for a minute or two,

Thomas Webster